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Drunken Behaviour?
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Drunken Behaviour?

Is it not time to consider banning the sale of alcohol to under 25's in Town & City centres, thereby allowing the Police to keep up with their other and more pressing duties. The 24 hour idea has clearly not worked and this Government should repeal the Act. To those that oppose the suggestion, what is your answer to the problem? My Son in Law has just returned from Iraq so no lectures, please. No not an Army lad, an RAF MAN 18yrs service. Still no constructive ideas???

phillip b
What other pressing duties, do you mean sitting on there ars** in the warm offices to scared to leave the office. Get them out of offices and vehicles deploy more on foot near the hot spot areas on a night. Is your son a soldier? If so , is he one of the trouble makers full of drink you are complaining about.

i think this would be a ridiculous consideration, c'mon, lets be serious about this. We cant fart in this country without someone knowing about it due to the mass influx of cameras in our town centre's. If we stop serving drink to the under 25's, we will only succeed in closing down an already struggling business, the kids would only get their kicks outside in other manners being drugs and violent dis-order. Not all kids are bad kids, give them a chance before stopping their rights to live. As for allowing the police to further their attempts at more pressing duties, yeah right!. As a doorman for almost 25 years, i found that the police always look for the easiest options anyway, they do not arrest the aggressors, but the aggrieved, they will wait till the trouble is over and until the offenders leave scene, and lift the poor beaten up person. So for them re-assigning their abilities, don't make us laugh, or better still, don't make us pay for a service we should already be receiving, and let the young ones alone. Who-ever came up with this ludicrous suggestion must be over 70 and mental.

please get a life, their are lads 18 dieing in iraq, your asking drink to be banned for under 25's, in scarboruogh, you can be fined walking about drinking alcohol, the fine is sufficant but banning it nooo weve increased the age limit to buy cigs from 16 to 18 do you think it will stop people smoking it wont,

joan k
I agree with you, the behaviour of drunken yobs is sickening. Do the Police and ambulance crews need such abuse from these sorts of people when they have more important things to do.

I think it is peoples attitude to drink that is the problem. In France drinking is normal and social, most cafes sell alcohol where children often have a glass of wine and you see very little drunks, I'm not talking about holiday towns, but on saying that it is normally a British drunk you see. I think it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to respect it. You see on T.V youngsters pissed out of their minds, swearing, fighting, being sick in the street, obviously a lot of them live at home with their parents and go home in this state. To me their parents have no respect for themselves or anyone else otherwise they would warn their children there are reprisals for conducting themselves in this way. I don't know if you agree but there is nothing worse than seeing a drunk female making a fool of herself in the street.

Definitely the police have better things to do in reducing crime than dealing with yobs and drunken behaviour and its outcomes.....real crime fighting could be done instead of this drink related crime surge at x mas time and security guards should be employed in town centres instead to deal with drunken behaviour. I totally abhor drunks and alcoholics and people who cannot conduct themselves in a decent manner in public inflicting themselves on the nation...what on earth must we look like to foreigners visiting the country!

it is not the booze, just as it is not the gun or the car that killed someone. it is always the individual. unfortunately, many people do not drink sensibly. i was a heavy drinker and like all drinkers did not think i had a problem. a good girl friend and friends helped me out and i was reformed have not touched any alcoholic beverage since 1973.

Mr and Mrs Doe
The responses you will get will on my be based of feelings regarding this issue. I personally feel that if an individual has the right to vote at the age of 18 all other rights should come with that. I also don’t feel that at the age of 18 person becomes an adult, but legally they do. If we were to raise the age to 25 perhaps alcohol related problems would seize, but then again during prohibition crime only increased. When the government takes away something, they only create an underground for the product.

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