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How can you best deal with getting maced?
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How can you best deal with getting maced?

As a police recruit we need to get mace sprayed in our face. What's the best way to deal with this?

Personal experience best, thanks.

Joe M
That's worth the pathetic pay you will receive for having to deal with the lowest forms of human scum on the face of the planet.

Breathe deep.

Why in the name of GOD would you want to be a cop?

Dont Cry like a girl

It effects different people in different ways. The best thing to do is try not to breath it in. As to the rest, flush your eyes with water. I worked in bars for many years and had mace all over me many times. If you wear contacts, take them out prior to being maced. They will help you until you remove them. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES!

The biggest thing to remember is that Oleosresin Capsicum (OC or "Pepper") spray contains a resin that makes the hot stuff stick to your skin.

When you're exposed to it, do your best not to breathe it in, but if you do, don't try to stop the coughing fit that ensues. It will help clear it from your mouth, throat, etc. Second, get plenty of cold water and pour it on your face, hands, wherever you were exposed. Obviously the water will help cool the burning sensation and it will help wash it off your skin. DO NOT rub your skin with anything! Rubbing it in will only make it worse. You can try to dab your skin with a moist towel to try to remove some of it, but you'll mostly need water, fresh air and time. Although you should be free from the intense burning sensation within minutes of decontaminating yourself, you will feel some residual effects later on that day or the following day when you shower. It won't be as bad then, just annoying.

Hope this helps.

squared away
don't freak out and be a drama queen..this will make you loOK like a dumb a** to all your classmates. just be calm, it will hurt/burn don't rub your face or eyes. you will be able to see but it might be blurred. we had to do a felony arrest on someone after being sprayed. After your sprayed and get the ok from your instructors, fresh water and fresh air and about 30-40 min. Your face will still feel some discomfort but it will pass. your first shower will not be nice.

Also when it's time for the tazer...go for the 5 second ride. it hurts like a son of a gun but everyone is laughing when its over.

when you are maced and get all hyper and upset,it will make the mace feelings get worse.just stay perfectly relaxed and slow your breathing.the effects are then minimal

The Maestro
From personal experience...

First of all, its gonna hurt, no way around it. Do not attempt to wipe it off right away using your sleeve, I tried that and it made it worse. Here's my advice. After being sprayed, just stand there a minute and let it do its thing. Remember to breath, and don't open your eyes right away. If you are outside, face into the breeze as fresh air is the best remedy. I don't know about your class, but we were told to have a towel and water bottle with us. Wet the towel and hold it over one eye. Try to open the other eye facing the breeze. After several attempts, you should be able to do so. Then cover the good eye with the wet towel and try to open the bad eye the same way. This is what worked for me. Good luck to you.

Note: when you get home that night, its not over. I got home and turned on the shower. The hot steam reactivated the spray and I felt like I had just gotten sprayed again. I was crawling around my house with my eyes locked shut, bumping into walls like a blind maniac.

keep your eyes & mouth closed...but they're not going to let you do that...have fun...LOL

Get fast moving air into your eyes as fast as possible.
As chemical irritants are not water based, putting water on your eyes is ust allowing the irritant to move around and irritate you more. Your only hope is to get into a fan quick and hold your eyes open.

Brian C
Not a whole lot you can do to deal with it. The prior answers said a lot, such as don't rub it. Rubbing it just pushes it deeper into your pores. Keep blinking, no matter how bad it hurts, the tears will wash it out of your eyes. Turn towards the breeze and let it hit you in the face. First chance you get, wash your face with the warmest water you can stand and baby shampoo. Then splash cold water on your face and dab it with paper towels. Have a LOT of paper towels handy, never re-use them. Repeat as necessary. It's gonna burn, just know that you're gonna be fine and it won't kill you. It'll probably reactivate when you take a hot shower. Bend over and don't let it run down the rest of your body. Get used to it, pretty much. Every time I've had to spray someone I've been exposed to it myself. I've even been accidentally sprayed by other officers during struggles with suspects. It never burns any less, you just seem to get used to it and it doesn't bother you as bad.

One thing I would NOT recommend is taking a shower. I'm pretty sure someone here will tell you how to deal with removal, but don't take a shower. I had gotten sprayed in the face once and then, when I took a shower, the water pushed it down my entire body and it was like I was on FIRE.

god that was a pain in the ***. i just waited it out

Chad S
well every person will react differently to the mace. but there is nothing i can really tell ya to deal with it. its gonna burn really bad. it took me 30 mins to recover others took the spray and walked out the door and went home. good luck

Russell C
Haven't been sprayed directly but have been around it.

Lots of water. It will burn.

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