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How do I go about getting a gun permit and classes?
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How do I go about getting a gun permit and classes?

I want to own a gun but I have no idea how I go about getting one the proper way.

Dr. M
Long and all encompassing answer (relatively) First, it is critical to know the gun laws of your state and your city and any other cities you may travel to with a firearm as you are responsible for your own compliance with the law. Many people think this is a burden. I think it has several benefits. One, it is the right of the people in their cities and counties and states to govern themselves without being ruled from Washington DC by a buncha bureaucrats who are out of touch with our individual and local issues and needs. Second, the fact that it is the rights of the individual states, counties and cities to regulate themselves and that they do makes it more difficult for a single law being passed in Washington DC to strip the rights of every single American with no recourse. Here's the wikipedia entry on it, I can't vouch for every state, but I checked my state's gun laws on here and this is pretty darned accurate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_United_States_(by_state) Also, the sheriff’s department website for your county should have information on the topic as well. Second: There are a couple ways to carry a weapon and a couple places. 1) In your home and never taken outside. Some jurisdictions have requirements that your gun be disassembled in your home or have a gun-lock with a key in it or even have a safe- Washington DC most recently has come into the spotlight in this regards. *Editorial* Personally, if this is what makes society safer, I wonder why police don't carry their guns disassembled or with gun locks on them (my comment is one of satire meaning it's a stupid and dangerous law as well as unenforceable because the 4th amendment protects you from being searched in your home without a warrant and firearms are kept for protection and speed and ease of access can mean the difference between life and death). If you're only going to have it in your home, you just need to go purchase a gun. There are a few ways to do this. One is from a licensed gun-dealer who will be required to perform a background check on you or submit federal paperwork documenting the sale. Your firearm purchase and ownership will be a matter of public record in this instance. The second is to buy your gun at a gun-show in a private sale. For these, no background check is required, you simply pay someone, a private seller, money for the firearm they sell you and records are not required to be kept that you own a weapon or even purchased this one. There are a number of debates on “what type of gun to get.” First, over 6 million crimes a year are stopped in the US by someone simply pulling a gun to protect themselves without even shooting. Second, the human body is such a variable target – a hit on an artery can spell death for whoever is hit. However your object is not to kill but to give you options that you wouldn't have otherwise, to deter, and as a last resort to “cancel the threat.” Some guns have more firepower, others are lighter and more versatile. Some carry a lot of ammunition, some not as much, some are very complex with a lot of features, some are very simple. Some are very expensive to buy ammunition for, others are not so much. Pick something that best meets your needs for where you live and what you do. 2) On your person in public openly - known as "Open Carry" which means in a holster that is visible. This isn't legal in all states nor in all cities. Again check the laws. Some states like California allow you to “open carry” but will not allow you to have ammunition in the gun (but generally doesn't allow concealed weapons.) It must be separate, but you can put the magazine in in the moment you need it – however – you make a nice target since everyone knows you can't carry it loaded and will have to load before you can use it so they stage things capitalizing on that time to take your weapon and turn it on you. Another reason not to live in California and why they have high crime rates. The trouble with open carry, while legal, is you attract a lot of unwanted attention. Everything from police harassment to concerned citizens calling the police to, in the situation with California, being a target – depending on the laws and familiarity of the citizenry.

Check out your State for what is required: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_United_States_%28by_state%29

IDK what your state of residence is but where I live it's classes first, then FBI background check, then license. Your local gun shop will have info applicable to you.

It depends on the state you live in. If you just want to keep it in your home no permit may be necessary, To carry it openly then check your state law. To carry it concealed then you probably will need a permit. Google the gun laws for your state and you should get a good idea of what you need. If you live in Arizona or Alaska then you don't need a permit for anything, There is one state in the North East like that as well. Good luck

Tyler Durden
need this info: state, are you a us citzen, any felonies, mentally stable, non chemical dependant, drug user, any domestic violence , any assaults on record, buying in your state or other

go to a gun dealer in your state, but you better hurry, Obama wants to outlaw guns in this country. this is his next big program to destroy us.

Steve M
I would go to the shop that sells guns and ask them. Each state has different laws. I am in MO and we can buy a hand gun and carry it on our side (not concealed) but need a permit to conceal it. A long gun no permit or anything.

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