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How do I report someone who is staying illegally in Canada.?
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How do I report someone who is staying illegally in Canada.?

Please tell me whether there are any ways to report someone who is staying illegally in Canada. Is there a specific department that I can forward the information to? Please provide contact details. Thanks in advance.


I know ....that person was your lover....you sour loser

Iqbal H
help him, guide him that how he/she can legalise his/her stay. Certainly he needs help if you assist him it will be favor for the needy,may be he knows the procedure but money may be problem for him or any thng else. Talk to him and get him understand that how he can make the things legal. If he is really is noble man then there is no issue to support. you being a senior citizen can advise such needy people instead to confine him another torture. this is humanitarian issue and should be delat with politely and in a congenial way which suits him.

catherine i
Hi from France ♫ Don't report this !! Have a nice day, Cat.

You might want to check out this site. The question asked is similar to the one you're asking. =D http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070102081433AA0OD94

Someone's staying in Canada illegally? REALLY? How long a line can there be to get into CANADA???

You Know... It's People Like You Who Make It harder for other people. the guy just wants to be left alone. he's not bothering you and I'm damn sure he's hasn't bothered to try to. people like you make the world a miserable place. full of paranoia that someone might snitch.

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