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How do jail inmates receive health care?
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How do jail inmates receive health care?

Does every jail have a doctor that comes in once a week or are inmates escorted outside of prison to see the doctor? Also, do they get their teeth fixed in the prison or outside the prison? What about strange requests like a sleep apnea machine (CPAP) in their cell or other medical devices? Thank you Also, are they allowed daily medications like high blood pressure pills or antidepressants?

The prison system has their own health system that provides inmates with health care right on site

There are medical staffs in prisons. Rn's are there as well. By the way the moron who called nurses $9.00 hour nurses. They are all RN and get between 33 and 35.00.In Pa anyway.

jail and prison are different things son. ill tell you how it works in the jail. the TAXPAYER pays for it! ALL OF IT! there is no doctor on call. there is a couple of $9/hr nurses who evaluate their condition and decide whether or not they need to go to the hospital. then they are thrown in a van and driven to the hospital where they spend YOUR MONEY to see the doctor. thanks to criminal hugging IDIOTS, jail has become a place where inmates sit around all day trying to figure out which of their rights theyre going to try to exercise. muslims get special food, diabetics get special food (and believe me theyre ALL diabetics for some extra food), they even get a special snack in between meals! we wouldnt want these crooks to have a diabetic episode now! there is also the common practice of using whats called county medical insurance. thats when for instance say you need to have a baby but you havent got insurance. what you do is throw a brick through the window of a business, get arrested, and have hte COUNTY aka the TAXPAYER front the cost for your kids birth. broke your leg crossing the street while you were stumbling drunk? got no insurance? get arrested! county insurance covers it all. haha

This is such a good question I wish I could give you the right answer.

shan merc
At least in CA, there are some prisons that have hospitals in them--or hospitals that are exclusively for prisoners, so they have all the security, etc. that a prison would. When a condition is serious, prisoners are taken there. For more everyday things, there are health care staff at most prisons or they move around to the prisons to treat the inmates. No idea about the medical devices. But I would guess that if it's medically necessary they would get it in their cell--depending on their rating (like if they are a good or bad prisoner).

mike 790000
the best answer is to go to jail and find out

Hopefully, they go to the medical unit of the prison or jail.. I say "hopefully" because alot of times the guards ignore a medical condition-------------and besides--- medical care is not the best in prison or jail Don't you ever wonder why so many inmates die in prison?? Natural causes, yeah, right!

Cell inmates do not receive dental care. They are only sent to a hospital if they are suffering a serious health condition. For minor things, there is a doctor that is on call for a prison or jail. When you are sent to jail, you don't get treated like you do in the free world. They don't care about sleep apnea or anything like that unless you are about to die.

its prison, im pretty sure unless they are about to die from a shank stab, they don't give a rats ass

I think that if it's serious you will be escorted to a hospital

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