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How do you file a complaint against a Sheriff deputy?
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How do you file a complaint against a Sheriff deputy?

No thumbs down from me

call local sheriff's office and ask to file a complaint with the infernal repairs division. this should help

The Champ
whats up with all the thumbs down?

See if you can find the department's website. You may be able to file a complaint on the website. Otherwise, call the department and ask how to file a complaint.

Mr. Dent
go to the sheriff dept. and ask for a formal complaint form..and when you fill it out start out by giving facts..i.e on this date of xx/xx/xxxx and what happened and whats your complaint..it will get reviewed and you may be called in for further questions to determine if you complaint is valid..

q S
Call his supervisor (probably a Sergeant).

scott b
Tough to answer, since you don't say where you are, or what the complaint involves. Have you tried to contact the Sheriff's office? I'm sure they have a procedure for that.

Ask the Sheriff.

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