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How do you get a job at MI5/MI6?
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How do you get a job at MI5/MI6?

what are the irregular channels if you don't go to university?

Ger M
It's pretty much transfers, you can go from Special Branch, the Military Intelligence Divisions.

Powder Pete
Send them your CV, ...in code.

I suggest going to university. Not just for MI5 or whatever. Just generally. It will not hurt and you will have the chance to explore a subject in much greater detail.

you can apply now on their web site they need Muslim speakers

They sometimes advertise in the broadsheets, or even on Government jobsites. You don't have to have a degree for some of the grades now. Have a ferret around online and you may find they are currently advertising. The whole process takes many months though.

Usually picked via the uni system, https://www.mi5.gov.uk/careers/ Good advice there.

Heared on Radio 4: Most agents come from Oxford or Cambridge uni. BAD LUCK. Just do what the guy above said! :D

old know all
Well now you've asked, we'll check you out. Expect a late night knock on the door.

sssssh it a secret

dude just pretend your james bond. BELIVE IN YOURSELF MANN

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