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How do you get someone out of prison and on parole?
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How do you get someone out of prison and on parole?

Do I need to get a lawyer or anything?

Whether you are in jail or prison, you are eligible to be interviewed by the parole Board at certain times. If you are turned down , there will be another possible eligibility date given. The Justice System assign the dates. No one else can influence this. If you are a victim , you may attend the Parole Hearing of your offender , and speak to why you believe the offender should be released or not. The only ones who have no regular parole hearing are those in jail who have not been convicted yet ( a murderer can sit in jail 3 years waiting to finish court.) ,and those who rec'd a sentence saying "No parole for 15 years etc.........."

YOU don't. When the inmate is finished with the jail part of their sentence, he will be released to begin the parole part as long as that is what the judge ordered.

Mark R
Yes, you need a lawyer, and a REASON why they should be released Then go to court and argue the case

You can write letters to the parole board telling them why they should grant parole to the prisoner. There is no lawyer practice for parole.

Do not commit a felony and you'll never have to worry about it.

Prison and parole are part of a sentence - the prison term is determined by a judge and parole may be eligible by statute but can only happen at a certain time - not influenced by a lawyer or court. So you may get 5 yrs for a crime but be eligible for parole after 2 yrs - the prison system determines the eligibility

Lou Stewel
get a helicopter and some machine guns and get away cars.

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