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How do you know if someone has taken legal action against you? If you have a pending law suit?
Find answers to your legal question.

How do you know if someone has taken legal action against you? If you have a pending law suit?

Cap'n One-Aye
You will be served a summons by the sheriff or by a process server if it is a civil matter. If it is a criminal matter, the local police authority will arrest you at their convenience if a warrant has been issued.

you will be served a summons or notified my mail

Mr. Grudge
A process server most likely witth confront you and serve you with court papers. Also, the notice can be delivered in the mail.

If you do not know. You have not been served by the court. Until you are it can not go forward if there is one.

Jessica L
call the court house or wait for something in the mail.

Jimmy the Saint
You will know if someone has taken legal action against you because you will be served with legal papers telling you so. These papers might be delivered to you in person by the sheriff's office, or by someone who's hired to deliver them to you. If they can't find you, they might get permission to publish notice to you in the local newspaper. Most municipal courts in larger cities will have a website where you can look up your name and see if you are currently named as a party in a civil law suit. But some how, in some way, the person suing you has to let you know, and they have to PROVE that they let you know. If they can't show the judge that you knew you were being sued, then they can't win by default if you don't show up for court.

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