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How long does a life sentence usually last for in the UK?
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How long does a life sentence usually last for in the UK?


can vary, 10/15 years usually. In the Moors murder case in the 1960s a mn and a woman killed I think 6 children and were given life with no chance of parole the woman , Hindley died in hospital whilst still imprisoned the male prisoner is in prison still and in solitary confienment on his own request. another prisoner Harry Roberts killed two police officers in 1960s and is still in prison after 2 appeals

The average life sentence is 12 and half years. The sentence is for life, meaning - if the prisoner still poses a risk to the public he can be kept in prison for as long as necessary. When sentenced to a life sentence the judge sets a "tariff" in relation to the "risk factor" and protection of the public. So a person who, in a rage, kills someone and it is his first offence, the judge may deduce he is not a high risk person but has to have a life sentence because the only sentence for murder is life - so the judge may set a low tariff - 12 - 15 years. Whereas the "drive-by killer gangs" in Manchester all received life for murder with tariffs each averaging 32 years. (TARIFF = THE MINIMUM TERM IN PRISON before he is eligible for parole.) A murderer with a 32 year tariff will only become eligible for parole when he reaches his 32 years - like wise a man with a 12 year tariff - parole at the 12 year stage. All life sentence prisoners are on licence for life ( until they die) if they breach their parole conditions or commit another offence they go straight back to prison without a court case. Her Majesty's Pleasure is a life sentence for people aged between under 21. Detention for life is a life sentence for young people aged between 15 and 19. People who repeat violent offences - called "2 strikes and out" can get a life sentence with a short tariff around 4 years. This was a law brought in by Tony Blair to stop the drunken yobs who like a fight every Friday Saturday night when the clubs kicked them out. They are called "Short Tariff Lifers" or Discretionary Lifers because it is at the judges discretion to give them a life sentence.

Generally, the minimum term you would have to serve before being eligible to request parole is anywhere from 15-40 years but this is decided individually by the presiding Judge. Some criminals sentenced to life serve around 10 years. In the UK life sentences don't mean that you will be in prison until you die unless the Judge deems that you should never be released and, if you are given concurrent life sentences then you could be imprisoned with no chance of parole. This would usually happen if you were convicted of one or more murders.

G√ľnther Bischoff
14 years for murder, 9 years for other life sentences. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/5086978.stm

Not long enough, it's a ludicrous description of a prison term. Life should mean life, i.e. you die in jail. Anything else is really a named term such as 15 years. Unfortunately criminals never almost serve the full term they are sentenced to because they are let out early for "good behaviour" or because the prisons are full.

About the same length of time as your average bottle of ketchup in a family household with 2 young children. That would be 'Not very long.' then.

Kernow Lady
Technically it is life, however they can be let out after 10 to 15 years. This does not mean they are no longer a lifer. If they break another law they will be sent back inside for a further long sentence. A life sentence is never spent, it is there until you die. UK

paul s
a life sentence lasts for life, if you mean how long is the average minimum term a person has to serve before be eligible for parole them it is about 17.5 years.

Chris S
15 years is one life sentence but if you get a life sentence people always get sentenced to more as people are never just charged with one crime such as murder. For example if you are charged with murder then most people will have other charges added depending on the entire incident. So more years would be added. However most will not serve there full sentence and some would even serve less that 10 years. So a murderer could be released in the UK after 10 years.


25 years, but there is "At Her Majesty's pleasure" which usally means rest of their lives.

I think its 20+ years, though I'm not too sure.

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