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How many Americans save themselves from crime by having a gun?
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How many Americans save themselves from crime by having a gun?

Steve S
The NRA monthly magazine has a page each month devoted to reprints of news that people send along; these stories all concern self-defense with firearms. Such incidents happen routinely, yet get play in local media; the national media does not admit that such uses happen all the time.

There's no statistic on that. However, there aren't enough gun owners that practice responsible ownership and operations of their firearm. I've known few gun owners who expect to use a gun in self defense but seldom goes to the range and practice basic shooting skills. A weapon is a tool and an extension of one's body. If you practice using it, it would serve you well in a bad situation and give you the advantage needed to survive.

I'm with wolfie on this one :]

Erm, 3? 7? I give in, you tell me. My guess is that so many people die from gun crime in the US that the number who 'save themselves' with guns is tiny.

I'm not sure these statistics are even available, but it is more common than you think. I own multiple guns and help teach others how to properly store, use, and clean firearms. I'm usually not "strapped," but do carry a lever action in my truck (mainly for shooting groundhogs in my fields). The one time I've needed a gun for self defense someone was breaking into my house and didn't have time to run into the gun room and unlock the safe... so instead I grabbed my machete and sword, which deterred them pretty well! Still, I'm planning on getting a concealed carry permit just in case I ever feel the need to carry a handgun on me.

Dunno, but the only ones who I've met who have prevented themselves from being victimized took the responsibility of gun ownership very seriously...practicing gun retention, shooting several times a week, KNOWING THE LAWS ON SELF DEFENSE etc.. Sadly in my career, i've seen more people use a gun they brought for self defense shoot a family member (whether on purpose or accident) than ever shoot a criminal.

I don't have statistics but I'm sure there are plenty. I can be positive that there would be zero saved if there were no guns. Guns, like heroin, can be outlawed all the left wants. Sadly, only criminals will have them after they are outlawed. My guns never killed anyone. Kinda hard for an object to kill. Pretty easy for an idiot with no education on gun safety to kill though. So banning guns sure works in DC and Chicago huh. Not at all.

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