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How much does a police officer earn in the UK?
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How much does a police officer earn in the UK?

If your just an ordinary police officer in the uk, whats the monthly salary. Thnx

You there: £35,600 is from September 2009, not 2008.

You There
I've posted a link that answers this, but in short (doesnt include the small pay increase this year); PC :£22,104 staring then to about £35,600 after 10 years Sgt: £35-39,000 Insp: up to £53,000 In addition, London and some SE counties get a further amount on top for cost of living increase; to the tune of about £6k I think (unsure on that precise figure) To work out the monthly, divide by 12, then multiply by about 0.65 ish to get the figure after pension (£3-400), tax and NI. Met Commissioner; just over £250,000 Woznotwoz: I've included the CRTP and rounded a bit.

Trainees start at £21,534 per year (£1794.50 per month) After training £24,039 ( £2003.25 per month) Rising to £33,810 for senior constables (£2817.50 per month)

22K but some chief constables get paid 150k

Smoby J
Probationers/Trainees start on around £22k a year After Probationary Period of 2 years you go up to £25k per year So monthly i believe your just short of £2k

not enough.

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