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How much of a reward can you get from the Police for giving info leading to a drug bust?
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How much of a reward can you get from the Police for giving info leading to a drug bust?

I know some people who deal weed and would like to know how much money i can get out of this for giving the police this info.

Tee Tee
It depends upon what city you are reporting in. In my city, monetary awards are generally not given for drug tips. However, due to the recent increase in meth labs, my local police and sheriff departments have teamed up and started offering rewards for tips leading to an arrest and conviction for meth crimes.

Nothing because you just made your fellow tax payers pay to put a harmless person in jail.

$1000. from Crimestoppers where I live. Has to be a conviction.

$0 You get the satisfaction of removing some harmless persons freedom, costing tax payers even MORE money & clogging up the already clogged up justice system. Great. FYI marijuana has never been a direct cause of death, ever....unlike EVERY OTHER DRUG.

It's your duty as a citizen to report......shouldn't need a reward

Billy Bob
$10 where I live

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