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How old do you have to be to start training to be a police officer?
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How old do you have to be to start training to be a police officer?

my daugher is 12yrs old but wants to be come a police woman when she lives school. the u.k police force the u.k police force

Everything you need to know is here; http://www.policecouldyou.co.uk/ The Police Cadet service was abolished nearly thirty years ago.

wilfred b
you can start training at the age of 16 if you want by joining the police cadets but you have to be 18 for the actual police force. this is uk EDIT TO DUKEFENT there is no national police force in the uk. all forces are different no actual national rule either

She is the right mental age.

It's definitely 18 in the US (higher in some places), probably 17 in the UK. Update: It's 18 in the UK, at least for the national force.

There is no age limit to train to be a Police Community Support Officer - which could be a good stepping stone for your daughter. To train as a Police Officer you have to be 18 check out the site below for more information. I think it is wonderful that your daughter is so focussed at her aged -encourage it and hopefully she will achieve her ambitions.

Kevin M
there is no formal training as such and are you serious she is 12 doesnt mean she will still want that in several years time she may change her mind and want to be something else i think you should make her think about keeping her options open seriously your not doing her no favours by making her believe she can do that as if something goes wrong in life and she could become disabled or even worse you should get her to get a grip on reality

In the UK its 18 years old

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