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How to find out if someone is a police officer or just works for the police?
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How to find out if someone is a police officer or just works for the police?

I have a question regarding a neighbour he states himself to be a memebr of the toronto police force but i think he might be civillion. How can i find out if he is a cop?

cclover _
Call the police department, and ask for Officer ______. That should give you the answer.

Just casually mention to him one day that you've never seen a Metro TO warrant card and could he show you his. All CDN police have them. The civilian members won't.

Glinda W
If he works for the sheriffs dept, he is a member of the police force. In what capacity it does not matter, be it a guard or a bailiff, he is still a part of the force.

Call your local police station..... I guess if you wanted to be more discreet than that, you could visit your local city hall or library and see if you could find recent photos of the police force. Have you tried googling the guy's name?

Let him says so. How does it affect you? If by impersonating, he is committing any illegality, you may ask him to show his identity to prove what he claims.

Tasha T
If I were really concerned, I would find out which department he "works" at and then call that department and tell them you think someone might be trying to impersonate a police officer and ask them if a (his name) is an actuall officer there.

contact the police dpt. and ask idk it is just a suggestion

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