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How would someone get in-touch with a person's probation officer?
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How would someone get in-touch with a person's probation officer?

thats just wrong

Call the probation office and ask for him/her. Unlike one of your answerers, you don't have to have a waiver signed by the probationer. You may give information, but it's unlikely they'll give you any.

hhhmmmm wow

call them

parole and probation are all money scams on the state/county side. they let em out and they repeat, and never seem to go back till something real real bad happens to some other innocent person. so rat them out by all means, if they aren't in jail and are on probation then learn to appreciate it or go to jail assume responsibility

u would have to call the probation office and give them all the info that they need.

You can contact your local parole/probation department and give them the person's name, and they will connect you with their PO. I get a lot of "victims" calling me...it would be one thing if the victims were actually calling for a reason, but most of the time its just some "baby mama drama" that I have to listen to for half an hour (and 90% of it doesn't have to do with the person's probation). I have to tell ppl to stop calling me, unless its something really really important. If you're going to call someone's PO just make sure its for a legitimate reason, and not b/c your pissed at your boyfriend for cheating on your or something totally stupid...trust me...PO's get really annoyed with these kind of calls. If its an emergency call the police first and then the PO when you're out of danger. If your boyfriend is beating you up...call the police first...and then call the PO afterwards. I'm not being mean, but there are some things that POs don't handle...just make sure it has something to do with the person's probation!

sounds like you want rat him out, mind your own business, karma catches up to all. we all get what we deserve, most of the time. let the po do his own job,he gets paid to.

I think he has to sign a waiver first

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