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I have recently had a CRB check how can I clear my name?
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I have recently had a CRB check how can I clear my name?

On the form returned they have all sections as OK but the " other information " states that I was arrested for touching a child inappropriatly ? The case was never proven and subsequently dropped by the police for lack of evidence. The information on the form is pretty graphic but the accusation was false ? How can I clear my name. Anyone seeing this would cringe however I haven'y done anything wrong. My Solicitor says just keep quiet about it but the CRB has just bought the whole thing back to life ? Help

Find the way to fight this. Poor old silly laws got it all worng, but you need to prove that. Go to the newspapers, make it big news and get some compensation,,,from everyone concerned.

that's not good. doubt you can have anything done. Poor you.

Kick up a stink about this, yes it will be on your criminal record (you were arrested, innocent or not) but because you are innocent then it should have no bearing on your life in the future. If your current solicitor will not help you then get another one. If you cannot find one then go to your MP and keep pushing until it is sorted. Could also try Citizens Advice. If that gets you nowhere then take the police to court for defomation of character or something. Honestly, keep fighting it. Get it sorted Good luck.

you will never be able to clear that, it will be with you for the rest of your life, i know you were never charged and that is a shame they are holding that against you, write to your local mp see what he says, he might be able to help you,keep safe all the best

Caicos Turkey
I would recommend having a word with Nacro on the helpline number given here. http://www.crb.gov.uk/Default.aspx?page=381

bad speller
first of all you go to the lawyer ,you have a god civil suet.and charge them for foals of arrest, you will get SAM dollars they will pay all expenses.then the lawyer will fill a papers to sponge you records it cost 1000, dollars extra and all you records are 100% clean

In the US, this is the problem, whether guilty or innocent, once it's on there, it's on there. False accusations put people in turmoil. All you can do is get a high powered attorney who may be able to petition to get it removed, which is difficult to do anyway, or just provide the documents that it was false.

This is the problem, once the accusation has been made it is made and there is sod all you can do about it unless you were not arrested. It is a hell of a situation, if you are completely innocent ( I mean innocent not not proceeded with) and a gift to the "No smoke without fire brigade" If you did it and got away with it get on with it you don't deserve any sympathy

jackie m
Contact the police for information on how to clear it, I don't know much about it but if it was not proven or time served long ago you can pay to get it cleared, its around £500

File to have it expunged through the court or have it sealed.

Kit Fang
well, as it says 'arrested for' not charged with, i would just point out to any employers etc. that you did not do it, and that there was no evidence for it. Personally, though, i would have just listened to the soliciter. They do tend to know what they are talking about.

I dont think you can clear this information from a CRB check. Its there for a reason. All you can do is provide the evidence that you were cleared and the information was false. Speak to a different solicitor but I doubt he/she will tell you that it can be removed. Its on your criminal record at the end of the day.

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