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I know someone whom has warrants for their arrest and hiding from them in my home should i turn this person in
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I know someone whom has warrants for their arrest and hiding from them in my home should i turn this person in

or should i wait or will i get in to trouble i also have young children in the home and they think its cool for someone to run from the law i also asked him to take care of problem but refuses to take care of it

stephen p
Consider this: Would you like to be arrested and taken to jail, then to trial, for the charges of Obstructing Justice and for Harboring a Fugitive? If so, continue to hide the person and don't turn them in. If not, make the phone call. If not for yourself, consider what Department of Children and Family Services will do with your children while you are in prison.

Sam X9
There are two things you can do best. First, talk to them and ask them to leave your house, make them understand the would be consequences in case the police learned about their presence in your premises that , you can be legally held liable for harbouring fugitives. Second, informed the police, but first assured that they can give you the appropriate protection, in case they (fugitives) came to know that you are the informant. Do not keep it in yourself, as a citizen, do your part to make your community safe.

it's harboring a fugitive and it's a crime and you can go to jail for it, want your kids to see you get arrested , they wont think its so cool then

Well, if you continue to help him, the cops will probly get you too. For helping a criminal (I dont know the exact charge for it).

Should you turn in the person? Immediately (or as soon as you can considering your children's safety)!

You can lose your children to the state division of child services and be arrested for harboring a criminal -- a felony.

LOOK DO NOT SNITCH just tell that mother fuca hes gotta leave your house but DO NOT SNITCH thats a ho move if he gets caught or gets away you will have nothing to do with it and thats how it should be

Harboring a fugitive is a felony. Do you want to go to prison?

smiling sam
Turn him in or kick him out, just get him out of your home! And straighten out your kids, unless they want to end up like him.

You are crazy to let a fugitive stay in your home! Yes, it is often a felony to harbor a fugitive. The seriousness of their offense usually determines whether you will get in trouble too. For example. if the person you are housing is wanted for murder, I would bet money that you will get charged with "obstruction of justice" or some such charge. It just depends on the situation and whether you were aware of the warrants.

Second, you are setting a TERRIBLE example for your children. They will begin to think that running from the law is a game and that criminals are smart, etc. REMEMBER, CHILDREN DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAY- THEY LISTEN TO WHAT YOU DO!!!! I am a teacher and fed up of kids who think that it's cool to be drug dealer or a "gangster" etc. I am fed up with a society that embraces people who do the wrong thing! You are going to screw up your kids and don't be surpised when they get caught shoplifting or some similar offense.


Hope this helps!

You are responsible for what happens in your home. Including aiding a fugitive.

As a mother of 5, I say, if he refuses to take care of the problem, then turn him in. You can get into trouble. Don't let him jeapordize you and especially your children.

Danny B
Yes you should, or you will get in trouble anyway with the police.

Chris J
aiding and abetting it's a class c felony I believe either turn them in or tell them to leave.if the warrant is severe enough they could charge you with accessory after the fact.

spike missing debra m
this is called 'harboring a fugitive'-you can do real jail time if you let them stay...and you could lose your children...knowingly harboring a fugitive in the same home as your child could be considered felony child endangerment-call the po-po's ASAP

They're going to charge you with harboring a fugitive if you don't. Besides, if he's refusing to do something about it and the cops come in with a warrant while the children are inside, are you sure he won't do anything drastic? The longer he stays, the more likely the cops will find out.

yes - you are breaking the law by harboring a fugitive from justice. You are putting yourself in jeopardy of not being there for the kids in your home because you will be in jail as well.

Yes call the police. Tell them the name of the person in your home and the date of birth if you know it. Call them when you know he is there for sure and not just might be there. He does not have to know you called.
You may also be in violation of the law depending on where you live ( state law ).

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