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If someone is fined by the police or the court; where does the money go to?
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If someone is fined by the police or the court; where does the money go to?

hi Lin i think it goes to council babe .as everything does.happy new year chow

Ansell A
As this is UK answers. The money goes to central government.

In the UK only a court can fine you the police give out fixed penalty tickets which are not a fine.The money goes to the Lord Chancellors office and from there into the governments coffers though because of the legal costs of gathering fines there is no profit made so it is not a way of gathering revenue as I know it is in the USA where I have spoken to officers about this.

In the UK to Central Funds except 'Proceeds of Crime' money where the prosecuting authority would get a percentage

greg green
Different places. State, County, and the Municipality where it was issued.

Snakeman !
In the UK - all fines levied in courts (whether Magistrate or Crown court) go to central government coffers (ie the treasury) it's then up to the treasury minister to re-distribute the money as he sees fit !

It can go several places. The base fine goes to the general fund of the jurisdiction the citation was issued in. Here is how a Wisconsin Traffic Citation breaks down, I'm sure most states have something similar: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/statepatrol/enforcement/citation-fees.htm

It's revenue for the city. Thats why cops sit around shooting radar all day.

either the city or county usualy to offset the court/police cost

El Terrorista
Local Municipality.

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