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If you have a warrant for violating misdemeanor probation will it show up in NCIC and would a state extradite?
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If you have a warrant for violating misdemeanor probation will it show up in NCIC and would a state extradite?

this warrant is in GA and I live in KS now

JJ probably has the answer that's closest to the truth (scary though that is). The warrant is only going to appear in NCIC if the agency holding the warrants puts it into NCIC. It will almost certainly appear in whatever database the state of Georgia maintains for in-state use, but the chances of Georgia putting the warrant into NCIC also are about slim and none. The bottom line here is that Kansas is likely to never know about your warrant unless someone in Kansas specifically calls an agency in Georgia - and that seems terribly unlikely. It's also very unlikely that you're going to get hauled back to Georgia from Kansas. Of course, none of this would be an issue if you'd just behave like a responsible adult and take care of your legal issues.

first of all dont listen to anybody saying the police are coming for you now that you asked tha question. They're not. secondly, No they wont be extriditing you on a misdemenor. even if you had a felony they wont extridte you if your more than one state away. the problem is that eventually your license is going to expire, and you need that to live. Ks wont give you a lisence if you have warrants eleswhere. but it wouldnt hurt to try, you never know. they definatly wont extrite you so you have nothing to lose, all they can do is tell you to take care of the warrant before they can give you an ID for KS. but basically if you dont go back to KS you dont have anything to worry about.

Highly unlikely GA is going to spend the monies to return you to GA from KS, but that does not mean you can not be detained in any state based upon the warrant, arrested, searched etc then released once GA calls back and says no extradition then you are released with the warrant still in tack hire a lawyer get it fixed

any violation of probation will show up there probation violations are usually felony so they can extradite on those however if it is a misdemeanor probation you might be good to go unless u have a suspended sentance to revoke. here is a hint just deal with take care of the issue and you live care free again.

Yes. A misdemeanor itself would probably not show up - and probably wouldn't get to the point of extradition. But a probation violation is a crime against the court itself - the court ordered you to do something and you violated that order - and probably would get you extradited back to Georgia to be brought before the court. Be aware that the cost of extraditing a person is huge. The officers have to travel to Kansas to pick you up and take you back, there's hotels and meals and gas to pay for, and it's unlikely that the court would see that as very amusing. If it were me - and it's not - I'd scurry back to Georgia and take care of the warrant. If you just appear before the court, it's likely you can get the probation reinstated. If they have to come get you, it's probable that you'll do some time behind bars.

No the police will not extradite for a misdemeanor the but you should take care of your warrant.

Anything that concerns a warrant for probation or parole will show up in NCIC. Also, you didn't take into account that their are police officers on this website that can easily look up your info. now that you put it out their that you have a warrant. And yes, Kansas will extradite you in a quickness. Also, if anyone sees this question that is connected with any Kansas Corrections/Legal entity is required to take down any info. and forward it onto the proper channels. Sorry for letting you know you may have just screwed yourself.

It will show up on the NCIC. But extraditing for a misdemeanor is highly unlikely. It's too expensive to do. There are states that won't pick up a misdemeaner warrant in another county, let alone another state! The funds are just not there! But, you should clear this up. Kansas can take your driver's license I am sure, if its a driving citation. You will have to deal with this sooner or later.

Yea they will have no problem arresting you and sending you back to Georgia to see a judge for violating probation.

It might show up but I doubt they will extradite.

buttt muncher

May J

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