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In Illinois can a police officer collect money for a traffic violation at the scene?
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In Illinois can a police officer collect money for a traffic violation at the scene?

My brother got a ticket for failing to stop and causing an accident. The police officer rudely asked him for the money on the spot and threatened with taking his license away. He also called his own tow truck to pick up my brothers vehicle without even informing my brother. It all happened, in Saint Charles, IL.

the b-i-s-h

No way would I ever do that. I'd tell them I would go to the courthouse or town hall myself and pay it. As much as I support Law Enforcement, it would just be too easy for an officer to scam people this way.

absolutely 100% with out question NO !!! , a police officer is NOT a court of law , and a police officer has no authority to determine if a person is guilty . that is why when you receive a citation , you have to plead to it and if need be have a hearing . you should NEVER pay a police officer any amount of money EVER and if your brother did i would be going to the police department and reporting this TODAY

Some Police jurisdictions have a contract with towing firms to expedite situations. You are then allowed to retrieve your vehicle from their yard. I can't personally answer for St. Charles Illinois, but I have heard that in some areas, you can post a cash bond on the scene, instead of surrendering your license, and receipt is issued.
If you have any questions, contact the Police in St. Charles.
*** I just contacted the St. Charles Police Department, and they do not accept cash bonds on the scene. Batavia, which is a suburb right next to them do, with a Sgts. permission. Are you sure you were in St. Charles?.

No they can not do that. Sounds about like a officer in Vandalia Ill, I had run in with them myself.
But no they can't

LOL. Can you prove it?

no ,its illegal for police to collect any kind of fine in IL. first of all when you first get a ticket you have the right to go to court and fight the ticket. secondly when it is a traffic accident its automatically refered to the judicil system by law because of insurrences. call the state police and tell them what happened

D squared
Hate to say it but, your brother was robbed by that Officer. The police do not collect money on tickets. That's not their job. Did your brother get a receipt? I doubt it. The same is true for the "towing". How your brother pursues the matter is up to him. He can file a formal complaint with the Department but be prepared for a lot of opposition from within the department. I would say to file a written complaint and then leave it alone. At least there will be a record of improper conduct by that Officer and if it continues with more complaints filed, the higher ups will start to see a problem. If any harrassment develops because of the complaint you can seek help from the States Attorney who will assist. Good luck.

gary d

Hey ... saved you a trip to the Judge... and no points on your license

NO. It probaby wasn't even a cop because all of the cops in stc are usually not crooked or anything.

I seriously doubt it.

I'm an extremely strong law enforcement advocate on Yahoo Answers, and I'm not familiar with IL law.

But this sounds extremely shady.

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