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In prison, do inmates have their time reduced for working in the prison?
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In prison, do inmates have their time reduced for working in the prison?

hi in the uk not at all you get paid between £1-£40 depending on job and prison which goes on burn(tabacco and pappers) or other things tob costs about £3 per 12.5 gr so its hard to come across sentences are usually half what the judge says over here

Depends on the jurisdiction. There are many recognized ways to have your time shortened. Some states even will release you earlier just to make room for new inmates. Good behavior is essentially the best reason to be released early. If you work, dont fight, dont cause trouble, and dont try to escape, you are likely to have your time reduced. Going to in prison counseling, classes and school also helps.

There are several ways a person can get time off. One is for good behavour, one of my favs lol, another is taking classes, for educational purposes and some classes are for drug and alcohol rehab. Never heard of time off for work they do however get paid. Not much but some. Hope this helps.

In some states they may, but in most prisions they are just required to work, chow hall, cleaning, mowing, something Some prisions have a prision industry.

It actually differs from state to state. In Iowa, the average pay for a standard inmate job within the prison is only 28 cents an hour. The only jobs an inmate can have while in an Iowa prison that make more than this are those offered by a minimum security prison and are only minimum wage. The majority of those jobs within a minimum security facility are held within the prison walls and referred to as "Iowa Prison Industries." These jobs typically involve the production of furniture for government buildings such as court houses, involve making clothing for the prisoners and other things that reduce the cost of maintaining the prison, etc. It is far more inexpensive for the prisoners to produce these things than it is for the state to outsource and purchase from independent companies. This helps lower the cost to the taxpayers and pacifies the public outcry with regards to expenditures. Unfortunately, the demands of the prison guard's and their union has caused other financial problems. As for time compensation, again, it differs from state to state. In Iowa one can accumulate "good time" if he holds a standard job within the prison that is separate from "good time" for good behavior. The Iowa Board of Parole views an inmate holding down a job serving food or raking the prison yard as proactive behavior and rewards it as such. It is also required that inmates in the Iowa prison system aquire an education. The state demands that each inmate either have or aquire within the prison a GED or highschool diploma before they are even considered for parole. Even if an inmate is eligible for parole the Iowa board will refuse to even review the inmate's file unless they either have one or are in the process of obtaining one. Time off for good behavior is also not given if the inmate refuses to aquire one within the prison. In Iowa, the goal is to encourage the inmates to gain employment rather than resort to crime upon release. The idea is to change the obviously ineffective method of punishment of offenders to one of positive reinforcement. Due to this revised policy the recitivism rate has dropped dramatically. As a result, Iowa prisons are more often referred to as "correctional facilities".

I did 10 years in Florida State Prison and they do not pay inmates for work like some states do.And they also do not reduce sentences for working. They will take your life however and cover it up.....but that,s another subject.


Not really but those who do good work are respected even by the Jail staff. They also get their jail term reduced.

In some jurisdictions that is the case. It depends where the person is incarcerated.

No,but usually paid about 50cents an hour,only good behavior will reduce their sentence.

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