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Is carrying a pocket knife illegal on any college campus?
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Is carrying a pocket knife illegal on any college campus?

I live in Mississippi and my community college campus isn't exactly the safest place to be. I just recently bought a swiss army pocket knife, the Handyman. The blade is no bigger than my thumb by width and length. Carrying such an item is normal in the south, especially in my area, for many purposes. Is this really illegal to carry on campus? I would rather risk being caught for having it than walk to night class without it.

Those advocating talking to the security people are wasting your time - of course the campus cops will tell you it's illegal; it's in their best interest to do so. There should be a campus handbook that lists the 'do's' and 'dont's' of school behaviour. In there will be a generic statement to the effect that "All bad things must not be on the campus at any time". If you keep it concealed and you mouth shut you should be OK. On a brighter note - Utah secondary schools now allow CCW .

Jenny Manyteeth
Call campus security and ask.

i think if its not bigger than your hand its cool i carry knives around in my school mainly because i live in cobb county.

It can't be illegal on every campus. Check with your particular school to see whether its allowed. I think that kind of pocket knife would be considered ok, it's little more than a pen knife or keychain knife, more of a tool than a weapon. That said, it doesn't sound like very good protection. It would be awkward to use, would escalate a fight, and might even be taken away and used against you. Better protection would be to always walk with a friend.

Only Boy Scouts can carry pocket knives anywhere.

Many school campus policies make carrying weapons illegal. Knives are often listed among those. To be sure, check with the campus security office to get the official word on whether your Swiss army knife is legal. - Stuart

Shouldn't be a problem. I would always carry a pocket knife to school, it was or my art class. So you should be fine!

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