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Is it a federal offense to open a UPS package, not addressed to you?
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Is it a federal offense to open a UPS package, not addressed to you?

cyndi b
i wouldnt open it,not only could you get in trouble for opening it,but if you sign that persons name to ups sign sheet they could get you for forgery.why would you be on purpose open a package thats not for you?do you want someone else doing the same to you?now if its by accident,that could be understandable,but i would reseal it and call ups back to pick it up.

Yeah it is illegal

I would think!

Yes, it is a federal offense to open ANY mail that doesn't have your name on it.

That is a good question. I don't think that it is a federal offense. The only reason that opening a package that is not addressed to you that comes through the United States Postal Service is, is because it has come through a government agency. UPS, FEDEX, and DHL are all private companies, therefore I would think that that would be a state issue if anything. Private companies are responsible for delivering the package to the correct person, that is why they make you sign for them. By sending packages through private companies the sender takes a risk of it being delivered to the wrong person, and the company tasks the risk of delivering it to the wrong company. The best way to get out of that one is to claim you had no idea it wasn't for you, and go on.

No the only mail you can be charged a felony with is any mail or packages ship threw the united states postal service. Key here is the USPS is federal owned and operated where UPS FEDEX DHL and etc. are private owned. But if you keep or deprive the named subject on the package of the item or items in the package you can be charged and if the amount of the item in the package exceeds a certain amount you then can be charged with a felony theft law. You probable could be charged by the person for damaging there property if you damage the wrapping or box after all it is there property even though you received and they didn't.

First L
Its a Federal offense to open any kind of package not addressed to you.

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