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Is it illegal to answer your door naked?
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Is it illegal to answer your door naked?

Say your door is not open to public view at all would it be a crime to answer the door with your junk exposed?

Yes it is illegal. I only do that for people I know, but I rarely am ever walking around naked. I got a 5 year old.

My husband and I do so I don't think it illegal because nobody has complained yet, although sometimes we're as surprised as the people ringing our doorbell when we open the door. I keep asking my husband to install a peep hole.

Stacy Charles
Yes it is, if someone knocks that is. If you have a privacy fence and walk out side naked and someone is out there then you're ok. But that answer the door knowing that someone is there then you have no expectation of privacy and they have an expectation of decency due to the fact that they anounced themselved. . . . If you are interested in naked stuff check out oatmealmedia.net

Ozz Rost
Yea... but not entirely if your covered with a towel.

Im always naked at home, and just have a towel on... and just say I took a shower.

â™  Logic316 â™ 
I don't think it is. There's no law against being nude in your own house, if nobody can see it from a neighboring property or the street (if children can see you, though, that might be a different story). I once had a friend who was an avid nudist and actually used to answer the door naked whenever Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by. Let's just say they didn't bother sticking around to discuss Scripture (I should probably also mention he was obese and weighed close to 300 pounds).

Joe B
Yea because with the door open people in the public could see your junk, now if it was threw a window then no since your windows don't give access to the public.

Really it all depends if you had intent to arouse the person knocking at the door : )

Tom R
same principle as if you doing stuff by a window its the presumption fo whether a person would be expected to be seen. nowadays though you can post nude pics of yourself all over the web. too bad its illegal though because that would certainly shut up the religious people that knock on my door in the morning

Im afraid so. But if your junk is big enough, I doubt you would get any complaints.

it depends, what did it ask you?

Fort Knox 19D Soldier
Yes it would be

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