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Is it illegal to randomly solicit neighbors? By knocking on their doors?
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Is it illegal to randomly solicit neighbors? By knocking on their doors?

Its for a school project (botany) I need tree samples from a variety of living trees. Would it be illegal to go door-to-door and ask neighbors whom I dont know?

As long as they don't have a sign that says 'No Soliciting,' it perfectly legal.

Sometimes there may be a city law or county law against it. Be sure to check with your local p.d. or sherifs office. Other than that unless posted its perfectly legal. Just be courtious and explain to the people what you are trying to do. As far as the legal stuff goes if you go out and go door to door and are polite its highly unlikely someone is going to call the police on you, and a police officer is not going to pull over and cite you just because he witnesses you walking down the street.

nas88car 300 Blue Deuce is #1
easiest ways to get sample is go to a park a public place where there is trees and soliciting involves the sale of something.. make sure you go to safe neighbors..

when in doubt, check your legal or county codes.

Conor F
not at all, at least not in the United States. if a sign says "No Soliciting", than don't. Otherwhise, fair game. some people may think it to be very odd though. you may also want to try samples from trees in public parks. as long as it is nondamaging to the tree, your fine.

No. Just introduce yourself, explain what you are doing and why you need the samples. They will be happy to help. PS- check with your parents so they know where you are.

No, it would only be illegal if they have a sign posted against it.

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