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Is it illegal to urinate in a grave yard near or on someone's grave?
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Is it illegal to urinate in a grave yard near or on someone's grave?

yes. its illegal to urinate in public, this includes a graveyard, btw what would make u ask something like this? there is something wrong with u!

I like Patches O Houlihan's answer, but LA Chick is right. Most cities have ordinances against public urination and the ones that don't have laws against indecent exposure. That should cover the act, after all you have to be exposed to urinate.

Yahoo IM Me Tommy1822
Yes it is in Illinois to even miss the stool

Patches O'Houlihan
I hope not, the flowers in the vicinity of Ted Kennedy's grave are blooming since I started visiting and I'd hate to see them die.

Rock Firestorm
You keep asking this question over and over why? Oh wait, you're a troll. Got it.

Most cities have laws against public urination, so generally yes.

that shouldn't be a question of legality. You should respect the dead

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