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Is there still the death penalty in Britain for treason?
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Is there still the death penalty in Britain for treason?

Is there still the death penalty for treason and high treason or was even that abolished? I also heard that if you walked sheep on downing street you could be hanged is that true? (before the death penalty was abolished). ok there is no death penalty, but what about the sheep bit? it might not have been sheep but it was something like that.

No, the death penalty was completely abolished in 1998 by the EU.

Jackson P
NO. The UK have abolished the death penalty completely. And the sheep bit is total and utter rubbish.

paul t
the death penalty is still in force for high treason ,arson in a shipyard and mutiny of the high seas .Although i doubt if it would ever be used

Why do you ask, are you thinking of Gordon Brown, and the damage he has done to our country?

bob b
No not anymore, but I wish there was. I'd use it for the current government!

It was abolished in the mid-90's. As was the same penalty for Arson in the Royal Dockyards, and for Piracy on the High Seas. There is an absolute ban on capital punishment in the EU. No applicant country can be considered for membership if they allow capital punishment. Sheep walking in Downing Street are no exception. You can no longer be hanged for a sheep, any more than for a lamb or any other live stock intent on visiting the Executives of Government.

Tiggy want's a bit.....
Well if there is we should put All the New Labour party up for it after 12 years of lies and Spin....And Tax Rises after Rises....

i may be wrong but for years, the death penalty could still be imposed for two things, one was treason and the other was arson in her majestys dockyards. maybe it has been abolished in recent years. perhaps you could google these facts and find out. cheers

Turok ESPN McPepsi
Treason has not been a capital crime in the UK since 1998, and the last person to be found guilty of treason was William Joyce, who was executed in 1946. Since then, the British government has shied away from making the accusation, even when the behavior under question was actually treasonous as a question of law. During the Troubles, Irishmen who were committing treason in a statutory sense were instead accused of murder, and Diana's adultery -- again technically treason -- was never prosecuted at all.

there hasn't been a death penalty for anything in the Uk since 1969 what a mistake the government at the time made by abolishing it

No, the maximum penalty for treason in the UK is life imprisonment. As for the sheep bit, I've got no idea, but England has got quite a barbaric history, so nothing would surprise me.

Bruce Wayne.
There is still a death penalty for certain acts of terrorism. If there was a death penalty for treason Gordon Brown and his bunch of truth twisters at the houses of parliment would have been first in line.

Lucinda L
The death penalty for murder was abolished in the Murder Act 1965. After that it still existed for treason, piracy with intent to kill, arson in royal dockyards and espionage. It was completely abolished in 1998.

No it as been abolished, read on # July 31st, 1998. The Criminal Justice Bill of this year removed High Treason and piracy with violence as capital crimes, thus effectively ending capital punishment. # 27th of January 1999. The Home Secretary (Jack Straw) formally signed the 6th protocol of the European Convention of Human Rights in Strasbourg, on behalf of the British government formally abolishing the death penalty in the UK. It had been still theoretically available for treason and piracy up to 1998 but it was extremely unlikely that even if anyone had been convicted of these crimes over the preceding 30 years, that they would have actually been executed. Successive Home Secretaries had always reprieved persons sentenced to death in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man where the death sentence for murder could still be passed and the Royal Prerogative was observed.

No. There's no death penalty at all now. The Death penalty was abolished in 1969 but there were still a few things you could be hanged for, like high treason, piracy, and arson in a royal dockyard, but those were also removed in 1998.

Our Man In Bananas
no it was abolished

Harry O

Tim Lee EMS
yes i think so

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