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Someone is threatening me, what should I do?
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Someone is threatening me, what should I do?

Ok so these 2 girls are threatening to beat me up. I have proof on my cell phone and everything. We are all 18 and if it makes a difference we're in PA. Should I get the cops involved? And if I do involve the cops, what would happen?

Señor Sñarky
Hey, I'm in PA too. If you got some people giving you a hard time like that I got some people who can make it stop. It'll cost a few bucks but the service is guaranteed. Did you see that duck boat crash in Philly a couple weeks ago? That wasn't an accident... I'm not sayin' it was them, I'm just sayin'

its probably all bs and they're doing it to scare you. Bringing this to the police may make things messy and you wont want to have to deal with this if the situation isn't too serious. Get some protection, maybe take some self defense classes

Che Bella Italiana
Call a few guys to "take them out". All your problems will be solved before you know it!

They will not do anything based on a threat but maybe talk to those involved which just might piss them off enough to then kick your a** and then you can prosecute them for assault

The cops would talk to them and explain what would happen if they didn't stop.

Well either you can go ghetto on them and have a back up and tell them to F off (things may get down and dirty, but at least itll be a fair 2v2) or you can just call the cops and stuff. Usually these kind of things go down to option #1 since with teens calling the cops will just give you a bad rep (if you care about your rep and stuff, if not [like i] just do it! get the cops on their butts!)

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