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Texas Warrant valid in other states?
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Texas Warrant valid in other states?

I got a warrant in Texas over a year ago for unpaid traffic tickets. I am now living in another state.. Is that warrant valid in any other state other than Texas? For example.. If i were to be pulled over in Florida would they arrest me for a warrant in texas? a warrant for traffic tickets?

Yes it is valid, but for a traffic warrant they will not come and get you However you will get arrested in florida for driving on a suspended license because that does carry over, and you will not be able to get a Florida Drivers license if you have a failure to appear in Texas

We really can't answer that question with 100% certainty. Warrants have a "geographic limitation" to them. What this means is that a geographic area is determined on the warrant that indicates just how far the issuing agency will go to bring you back (extradite). Many warrants for traffic violations are limited to the county in which they were incurred and maybe a few of the adjacent counties. Sometimes they're for the whole state. Rarely will bench warrants for traffic tickets cross into other states, but they could. However, if you move to Florida the DMV might just see that warrant when you go to renew your license. While the may not extradite you, they can deny you the license renewal. And then you'll be driving without a license which will also get you arrested.

Mr. Dent
the warrant is valid..and unless its a felony warrant..no extradition..but you might want to call the county clerk where the warrant is out of to see what you can do to clear it up..never know when you may have to go back there...

Normally a state, any state, not just Texas will not extradite someone for a traffic ticket. If you are ever stopped in Texas you are going straight to jail.

The warrant will be "valid" until you are arrested on it or you die, whichever comes first. The question of whether or not you will be extradited is another matter. Most states will not extradite out of state unless it is a violent felony. If it is just traffic tickets, and not actually a vehicular homicide that you don't want to admit to, then no you will not be extradited. However you can get your license suspended for it being suspended in another state. Take care of your responsibilities and you won't have to keep moving to other states.

yes it is valid, the state you are in can extradite you back to Texas to stand trial.

nas88car300 Carl E wins !!!!!!
usually not for a traffic warrant you will get arrested for but it needs to be taken care of because you may not be able to renew your license in any state

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