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The legal rights on a Harassment Warning?
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The legal rights on a Harassment Warning?

My next door neighbour has threaten to hurt us and he has been given a harassment warning we were told that if he threatens us again we can get him arrested. He has threatened us again and when we tryed to get him arrested the police officer refused. I need to know my legal rights what i can do about this as these are nasty threats on our life's.

You need to keep a diary of everything that happens. You also need to go to your police stn and speak to the sgt, the person should have been arrested and the officer was wrong not to do so. Harassment is a course of conduct on more than one occasion in which some one suffers harassment , alarm or distress. If some one has been given a first instance warning and the conduct continues then they are liable for arrest. Ask why they were not arrested and if the reason is not good enough then put in a complaint. Also see a solicitor (some give free consultation) and ask about a civil injunction to stop them annoying you. good luck

mad keith
Take him down a dark alleyway and kick the sh1t out of him

Aberdeen Tyke
If you are in the UK, then that police officer is in serious trouble. Report him quickly.

Kebert is wrong. Careful when heeding his advice. He is a lonely lonely little man. Bruce is right listen to him.

|â–’â–’Kebert Xelaâ–’â–’|
Vad is right.....especially about "lives" Definitely get a restraining/protection order The problem might just be that it's a 'he said she said' thing. Try and get the statements on audio somehow. And whatever you're doing to egg him on......stop.

A restraining order would be appropriate if you feel your neighbor could carry out those threats.

Lives not life's first of all. Second, get a restraining order so the next time he does it you can get him arrested.

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