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WIll my probation officer give me a drug test?
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WIll my probation officer give me a drug test?

I wrote some bad checks in July and actually ended up going to jail for it. I was sentenced with probation I guess and then they gave me another court date for the first of the month. I have to meet with my probation officer for the first time tomorrow at 11am. Im just wondering if you know/think that he will give me a drug test if the charge has nothing to do with drugs, or if its just procedure. and if they will most likely give me a test, how do i get it out of my system and what would i say if i did drop dirty? Its just weed

I was a probation officer before i retired. It is standard to take a drug test and continue to test randomly untill you are off probation. Im not sure but you sound a bit worried. Drink water like a feind if you are. Im not sure it will save you but its the best thing you can do at this late hour

Marc X
Unless drugs were a factor behind the bad checks, brought up in court as a connection, I seriously doubt it. The judge would have made it one of the conditions of probation. You can't just be arbitrarily ordered to undergo a medical test without your agreement OR a court order. But the argument that it's 'just weed' doesn't cut it. Illegal is illegal.

'Gee, officer, it was only heroin. It wasn't like I was shooting up with steroids or something.'

Jim Bob

They probably will - I think it's pretty standard to do drug testing.
You should have thought of that before you did the weed.
Guess you get to face the music.
After one taste of jail I'd keep my flippin nose clean. (and the rest of me!) That is not a fun place to be. You keep messin with that stuff it will catch up to you eventually.

Michael M
Yes you will be tested and randomly... if your urine is dirty they will more than likely violate your probation

here they automatically send you for a drug screening in the beginning of your probation normally to everyone on probation...then that would determine if you will have to be have a monthly monitoring or to be color coded along with your normal probation meetings....if you fail your drug screening (which btw, pot takes 30 to get out of your system and longer if you are a habitual user)they then determine if they put you on color code....from that point they will drug test you at random and if you fail once color coded that when you start failing your probation on a serious note...

When you're on probation, the court OWNS you. They can nearly do anything to you, such as strip search, drug test, raid you home, question your love ones, and invade your privacy.

Your probation office should not give you a drug test unless he or she have good cause. Like most people, probation are lazy, they don't have to collect piss in a bottle and carry it around town.

They only drug test you when they have good reason or they have it in for you. Good luck.

Do you not see a pattern with your life?

Hopefully he will.


lmfao, I like how everyone who said "Hopefully" or "he should" got a thumbs-down.

I certainly hope so. Maybe you'll be less inclined to write bad checks if you're not spending all your money on drugs.

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