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We hear a lot about gun crime in the UK now-how many people were killed by guns in the UK in the1970s&1980s?
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We hear a lot about gun crime in the UK now-how many people were killed by guns in the UK in the1970s&1980s?

Ret. Sgt.
Jennifer, if you are going to be sarcastic, at least make the figure small enough to be believed. ( Unless you really believe 6 million have been killed by guns in the US since 1970)

uk includes northern ireland and the troubles started in the 1970's lasting through the 1980's so you would have to factor that in to your stats, Good luck, Sophia

James M
Even the term "gun crime" had a different meaning in the 70s and 80s. Back then it meant if a gun was used on someone or threatened. This is becasue guns were legal back then, provided you had a licence. Now, all guns are illegal. This means mere possession of one will result in a crime, hence "gun crime" is now on the up, as the crime of possessing a hand gun is more wide ranging that what it was. I do not know the exact figures of those shot and how they compare, as the method for recording this data is mixed, and someone shot falls into many catagories.

Burn the ihadis?
More people were killed with IRA bombings than now. That's why the death figures illustrate this. Remember- IRA have killed as many British and more than Al-Qaeda.

gun crime isnt increasing, we are just hearing about it more. just as there are no more abductions of children than before. gun crime is hundreds of times less likely to happen to you than a drunk driver mounting the kerb or you being hit by a truck as you cross the road

Probably more if you include the conflict in N Ireland

well believe it or not the numbers killed by guns in 70s and 80s was roughly the same as it is today..its just that with modern technology with the media you hear about it more nowadays..

don't you mean gun crimes in america? about 6 million i think

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