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What are the real causes for violent crimes and mass shootings???
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What are the real causes for violent crimes and mass shootings???

EDIT:: Will we ever see a REDUCTION of such deaths over a 10-year period?What steps can we take to make our communities safer?


Josie L
I answered this and my answer has been taken away. I said because guns are too handy and people get badly upset and go and use them. They couldn't if the guns weren't there or if they had a loving home they wouldn't either. Its because they feel they are not anything.

joan k
Lack of deterrents such as harsher punishments for offenders. The do gooders have a lot to answer for.

mick t
Frustration that stems from living in an oppressively Christian society.

militarization of society, studies have proved increased violence from kids who were exposed to tv, this was done in the seventies.

1)The absence of capital punishment. Prisons are more like holiday camps ( pool tables, state of the art gymnasia, colour TVs etc) than a place of punishment. 2) The decline in church-going and the children not being sent to Sunday school.(What % of the offenders do you think went to Sunday school? 1%?, 2%..not much more.) 3) You can't blame poverty, (all workers get at least £4 an hour, which ,for a 40 hour week is £160..hardly living hand to mouth, and benefits are handed out willy nilly to provide cigarettes and booze for the scroungers)...this problem was not around in the 1930s when poverty was MUCH worse than it is now.

We are all being forced to live in an artificial society. Civilization as we know it is an unnatural setting for human beings. This is not our natural way to live. Governments say we are free and restrict and monitor our every movement. We are not allowed to live and do the things that come naturally to us. Those things that we consider natural or normal urges have been outlawed or made criminal by a ever fearful government. A price is being put on every thing but the money is not available for everyone. The laws are unjust, living conditions are not equal. We are all forced to live in a cage and given the illusion of freedom. The reality is that government and freedom are opposing concepts. We can never be free as long as we are being governed. Its enough to drive a sane person crazy.

Insufficient punishment Indifferent police indifferent judiciary Indifferent Members of Parliament.

Call Me Bwana
Violence, crime and murder have been part of human nature since Adam & Eve. The cause - our character defects and our imperfections. Not only are we humans imperfect, we are not perfectable.

stitched up
At the risk again of sounding racist, everything bad that has developed here, shootings, muggings etc coincided with two things, mass immigration and crappy American hero/villain characters, and media coverage of goings on in the states, you see it there, then within a short time it is prevalent here, couple this with the lack of punishments available through nanny state, lack of funding for the police, lack of prisons, lack of teacher protection, and parenting duties and the no win no fee laywers, it was only ever heading one way.

Kristy S
It's hard to pinpoint an exact cause that is relevant for all cases. Psychology can say that it's due to a person's mental makeup (i.e. mental illness, insanity), sociology can say that it's due to parental matters and/ or environment they're raised or lived in, religion can say that it's a lack of purpose in life.... who really knows the exact reason! I think different people have different motives and reasons for doing what they do and that it's not all alike. Media can cast their view, but who's to believe what?

I believe that it stems from being ridiculed, teased, or made fun of. People hurt people, emotionally and mentally, and they can take it for so long. If a child tells a teacher about this that child gets in trouble for "tattling". It just festers from there. It is always everyone else's fault and no one is blamed or disciplined. It ends up being a "race" thing or a "money" thing,. People do not and can not accept other people for who they are. They accept them for their race, money, or social status within a community. Just because a woman is beautiful does not mean she is stupid or a b**ch. Just because someone has not teeth, doesn't mean they are ignorant or scum. Just because you wear and expensive suit does not mean that you are a nice person. People need to be nice to one another and accept their differences. This is America and it is one nation under GOD!!!!! I


Society has a whole bringing it to television as well as newspapers to give those who commit these crimes the noriety that they so desperatley seek just to get the attention. People commit awful crimes and even while in prison they get offered to have a movie or book made about it.

You'll have to ask the people that do the crimes...I don't thinks it's a single thing...each "cause" is different.

jed slade
no law ,no deterrant

Each person has there own reason and there is really no signs of it.

Dimentia. People who commit violent acts always have a way to justify it to themselves as somehow righting a wrong that was committed against them. They've effectively lost touch with reality and consequence.

First Ascent
No deterrent.

The nanny state!!! More and more people are feeling Oppressed and on the outside of society. IE: smoking ban.

poverty parenting and lack of respect for life

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