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What can i do about my neighbor's smoking?
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What can i do about my neighbor's smoking?

I live in apartments and the upstairs people have just last week started to smoke weed and the smoke keeps going inside my apartment, and i have kids, I live in Garden Grove, California. What can i do without them knowing it was me?

u should talk to them or call the person who owns the apartments and tell they should do something about it

just call the police,they will handle it.

ducky aka Mr Duck
tell the Landlord

report them to your landlord and call the police potheads are garbage

Report them to the cops the next time you smell weed.

phone the police if there adults it's illigal but if there young kids talk to there parents they deserve a second chance

I would call the cops first,
and if you are scared you should get a air filtering system inside the house so smoke gets cleaned

Report them, the cops will say that they can keep your identity private.

And plus, would you rather report them and them know it was you.

Or not report them and risk you childrens health??

Pay your own way
Report them to your landlord, it you can smell it have your landlord come over to prove your point. Take pictures of the trash in the backyard and show it to your landlord as well.

chet elderson
You don't have to identify yourself. Most officers will do a "knock and talk" at your neighbor's door and if they suspect anything illegal can get a search warrant or if anything illegal is in plain view they can walk right on in.

you are lucky because of were you live your neighbors do not fall under any privacy laws that would prevent you from calling the police calling the police is the right thing to do because they might be dangerous keep your children safe and call the cops but do it quietly so as to make sure your neighbors dont find out and surprisingly you DO fall under the privacy protection law so the police are unable to tell the people who reported them

If you are sure it's weed, call the cops. They won't tell who called. You can't put up with this. Do they have people over when they smoke? That's the best time to call. They're more apt to answer the door when the cops come. As far as the trash, call your manager. Those who are advising you to try "talking" are assuming these are "nice" people. If you do that and then have to call the cops, you could have problems.

Frances Carodine
talk to them about there weed smoking it is none of your business

I agree with the first person. Call your landlord.

Start cooking fish constantly. That's what my neighbors used to do and it annoyed the hell out of us!

Reverend Jim Jones
Be a man and confront them instead of calling the cops like a little b*tch. Tell them you have kids and you'd appreciate it if they could just do a better job covering it up.

Call the apartment management, tell them you have a strange smell, and ask them to send someone over.

Then it can be the building management who calls it in.

You could ask them politely to smoke somewhere that will not affect your children.

I do not smoke marijuana, but I do know someone who was diagnosed with cancer. I have seen first hand how much using marijuana as a medicine has helped them.

For all we know the neighbor could be a cancer patient, and you will really look like a schmuck.

Maureen S
I am sure there is a number where you can remain anonymous. I would only remark on the weed though. Too many complaints will make you sound as if you are a complainer.

I agree with you - you should not have to deal with any kind of second hand smoke. If they want to smoke weed, that is up to them, but projecting it on neighbours, is not acceptable.

Patsfan [7-5]
When I read "I live in Garden Grove" I cracked up.... why?

Garden Grove - Sublime

You're a local, so you've probably heard that song.

In Garden Grove? Probably not much, everyone smokes pot there.

By the way, I think I know who you are talking about... I live on 11th Street.


Mr. Anderson
Why not just write them a letter and stick it to their door ?

"Listen man... don't want to be a buzz kill.... but I have kids, and your weed smoke is creeping into my apartment. Do me a favor and smoke it somewhere else. I'm not calling the cops.... yet. If I can't smell it, i'll pretend I don't know about it... deal ?. PS: get your friggin trash out of my yard too."

I'll bet you a quarter bag of my best skunk that they will comply instantly. Just say the word cops and they'll be so paranoid, they'll probably move out.

Yeah I had that problem once too. I first called the police, and they did absolutely nothing. Then I called the landlord, and the next month I received a termination of lease!

I found out later that my landlord was a medical marijuana patient, and didn't take kindly to my trying to get the people evicted.

The best course of action is to talk to the neighbors like a man.

The police will not come running to your rescue over that call, and the landlord probably won't be too quick to evict them either.

Don't call the cops or the landlord.

That's alarmist, unreasonable, and frankly a little evil. You don't need to bring the state into everything, build a sense of self-responsibility instead of sheer reliance on the police. They're probably just dumb and haven't thought about it, and not actually out to get you deliberately.

Just go downstairs and politely tell them what's happening, mention you have kids and ask them to cut it out or do it somewhere else.

Jesus and Muhammad are Lovers
Hey I live in Garden Grove, California too. I live in an apartment, and have a prescription to smoke marijuana. I also have a large selection of incense that I burn often.

Now that I know you are thinking of calling the cops I will make sure everything is cleaned up, and I will make sure I have incense burning all the time.

Be a man and come knock on my door and talk to me about it. When I smoke the medicine I will try and keep the smell from reaching you, but my incense I am not going to worry about.

King Samir Shabazz
Lol you live in California and you think the cops are going to bust in your neighbor's door over burning marijuana in the privacy of their own home?

Sorry calling the police will only make you a joke in the eyes of the police.

You see a person with dignity, and worth any inkling of respect would approach the neighbors, and rationally ask them to try and be more considerate.

As an alleged Doctor you should realize that there are people who can legally smoke, and grow marijuana in the state of California. Marijuana smokers are not a high priority among the police.

Most pot smokers are upstanding citizens who work, and pay taxes. Tell them your kids can smell the smoke coming into your apartment. Any rational pot smoker will apologize, and take measures to prevent that from happening in the future.

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