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What happens if i plead not guilty?
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What happens if i plead not guilty?

I'm going to court for a apparent sustained wheel spin and driving without a full licence driver because im on my l's. Im going to please not guilty because this never took place. what will happen if i plead not guilty?

If you didnt do it then do plead not guilty. The burden lies with the Police to prove YOU did it. It is not enough for them to prove you probably did it they have to prove it was you that made the violations. You will most likely appear before a magistrate rather than a judge. You and the Po;ice will ech have a chance to give evidence and then the magistrat will make a decision. If you did do it and you plead Not Guilty and the Police can prove it was you that did the crime the magistrate will take a dim view of your plea.

unless you have a decent allabiy where someone like a responsible adult actually saw you then plead not guilty. But heres some advice from a law student! if you are guilty and u know u are plead guilty! u will get 1/3 of the sentance cut off fr not wasting police and courts time and also argue that it is your first sentance! these go in your favour they called mitigating factors. so your age, pleading guilty first offence are all in your favour!

A trial date will be set, and you can plead your case before the judge then, with, or without conusel.

joe b
you are screwed oh so screwed . you are just lucky to be alive as police routinaly kill teenagers in traffic stops .

you will go before a judge where you can tell your side of the story and the police will tell thier side.Chances are you will lose because no judge is going to believe a teenager over a police officer.So if you do plead not guilty make sure you have some evidence to prove you are innocent if not you will lose.

i dont know but good luck.

if you plead not guilty and then you are found guilty the punishment will be worse,

Heinz M
They'll have to decide whether they want to charge you and take you to court. If that happens, demand a jury trial. Judges and prosecutors like to play real stupid games with plea bargains. They try to tie you up with your agreements, but play havoc with their part. And watch out for the court appointed attorneys, as they often play into the prosecution's hands (they are buddies and work together all the time!!!) They'll try to bluff you with the, if you are found guilty by the jury, things will be worse B.S. These are their regular scare tactics. But after that you can still appeal. If you plead guilty, that's it. No appeals!

The cop will lie and the judge will believe him and so you are in trouble anyway. The cop always lies even when he does not need to because he wants you to go down. I have never seen a cop tell the truth in court and I am old as the hills. They lie and then you pay.

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