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What happens if you call 911 without an emergency?
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What happens if you call 911 without an emergency?

I was just wondering but what happens if someone dialed 911 and there was no emergency?

You might want to ask John McCain's brother.

They will come to your house even if you hang up.

In Florida it is false activation of 911 and you can go to jail.

They will call you back and sometimes they will come out to your house just to make sure.

Hahaha You'll Get a Call Back From A Different Number. If You Reject, Than They'll Trace Your Call And Police Will Show Up....

My little sister did it once the cops came and gave her a lecture about only to call 911 for an amergency and then they left

nana T
Don't be a putz! What would YOU do if you had a real emergency and some clown was making a fake call? You can't get through! THINK!

D J Motorcop
Do it once and you will be warned. Continue and you will be charged all 911 calls are trapped and taped as well as time and date stamped.

Public mischief is the least of your worries if you become a chronic 911 cranker.

Eric E
They come to your house and check things out. Make sure everything is fine. You won't get in trouble the first time but if you keep on calling w/o a reason, you will get fined.

Glenn T
To answer your question if you are calling from the phone in your residence dispatch will send a squad car to your residence , to ascertain whether or not there is an emergency . When they find out there is not an emergency you will get an angry lecture about not calling 911 unless there is an emergency and you may be fined. And in addition dispatch will be less likely to believe you in the event that there is really an emergency. For regular buisness matters there is a non-emergency number listed in the phone book use it instead.

Nothing happens to you - they just hang up once it is determined that there is no emergency - and they will remind you that it is an emergency line and not to call unless it is an emergency.

The thumbs down sheesh - I've done it, called 911 by mistake. I suppose it depends on the city you live in if they will send a unit out to check, but most places can't afford to send out a cop for every mistaken 911 call they get, so they usually call you back to confirm that everything is all right. If there is anything suspicious in your voice they may choose to send a unit to check it out. My brother in law is a city cop and they do not check out calls without confirmation. People call 911 wrongly all the time - for all kinds of things that have nothing to do with emergencies - including really crazy things like car not starting, neighbors kissing on the front stoop, walking around in your underwear in your own house and a neighbor can see you when they look in your window, husband having an affair .... I assumed your question was simply if you make one call and it wasn't an emergency - not getting all fired up about repetitive calling or anything else. Nothing happens to you if you make one call and it is not an emergency unless you sound in any way stressed when you make the call, if they cannot confirm a voice or talk to you, or if they hear anything that sounds out of the ordinary, then they will send a unit to check it out. It is not against the law but you should not make calls to test it out - after all it is for emergencies only and you could delay another call where there's a serious problem

Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
The police will usually treat your call as an EMERGENCY. It's a "level 2" priority with San Diego Police. A level one is a life and death call; level 2 is urgent. It requires two officers; that means two separate units dispatched from other calls. With the staffing shortage in San Diego, those responding officers might be otherwise utilized. Be careful and teach any children about when it's appropriate to call 911.
Also be certain no pets can knock a phone off its cradle. Pets have "accidentally" dialed 911. No joke!

David B
It depends, around here if-
- it's an accident (i.e. hit the wrong speed dial button) they'll generaly not do anything if you apologize and tell them it was a mistake. If you hang up they'll call back to confirm that it was an error. I was on EMS duty one night when my partner went to dial the phone and her bracelett hit the 911 speed dial button- they just called and confirmed that it was an accident. If it becomes a habit then you're going to get in some trouble.
- If it's malicious/playing then you get- A warning the first time, the second time you'll get a fine, keep it up and you get some jail time.

- David

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