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What happens to all the drugs and money seized in raids after it is no longer needed as evidence?
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What happens to all the drugs and money seized in raids after it is no longer needed as evidence?

I know that the drugs are destroyed

they drugs get destroyed and the money might be used to
help in fighting crime i.e getting more equipment that the police need.

the money is placed in a certain dept fund. the drugs are destroyed

Top G
After an order of destruction is issued by the presiding court, drugs are destroyed, usually by burning at a hazardous waste incinerator. After administrative hearings are held, in which the person the funds were confiscated from has the right to present evidence to recover them, the money is usually allocated to budgets which are specific to drug enforcement.

federal pig
drugs are destroyed unless there is a need for training items.. ie a controlled burn, police dog training etc.... money is put to use in budgets for dare and thing like that, and drug interdiction... some departments that have special units devoted to drug interdiction just use the money seized as their budget. items like cars, and homes are auctioned off to the public.

When I was living in NC almost 400K was taken at the bus depot in a duffel bag. The city got 80% of it back in about 18 months and it went to help build a new county jail. I am in Idaho now and I know they have sheriff's sales to get rid of seized property from drug raids.

KC V ™
In accordance with legal standards the illegal drugs are destroyed as affirmed by a witness to the destruction.

The monies seized may be used by the seizing agency in accordance with federal law concerning asset forfeiture. The money will NOT go to any individual officer as the requirement is that seized monetary assets must be used towards the furtherance of drug enforcement and investigation.

For further information concerning the federal laws concerning asset forfeiture, refer to the weblink below.

Best wishes.

They destroy the drugs,usually they burn it and they keep the money and when they need it for undercover stings and such that's what they use.

Sherilynne B
The money would have already been split up amongst the arresting officers and if the dope is not needed as evidence then it is sold on the street and the money split up amongst the arresting officers.

Drugs are properly disposed of (destroyed) the money is then circulated through the system (trust me they do find ways to keep it) like drug enforcement, task forces, victim services etc etc homes and cars personal property seized is usually auctioned off at either public or private auctions....

Drugs are destroyed and in most cases the money will become the property of the department that seized it, although it has been donated to worthy causes occassionally. Things like cars,/homes/computers are usually sold at a Sheriff Auction with the proceeds going to the department.
Alot of it depends on the agencies or particular states rules of evidence.

The Police use it to buy some much needed equipment, or it gets put in the city/state budget

Legally it should be destroyed.

Drugs get destroyed. Money gets put into an account set up by the government and is used for either DARE programs or other programs to benefit society.

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