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What happens to you if you run from the cops?
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What happens to you if you run from the cops?

Well a friend of mine doesnt like the police. Soo he says he wants to annoy them next time he gets pulled over. He plans to jump out the car if he is in the passenger seat and run away as soon as they ask him anything. He has no warrants or anything as far as i know. What would he be charged with and what would happen to me if im the driver at the time? Or to someone else like his brother, who says if he gets away he's not telling them he even knows who the guy was that bailed.

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In Florida, it gives Probable Cause for Search and he could be criminally charged with Resisting with out Violence. Possible Jail time of 1 year and/or $1000 fine. The driver could be detained and have their Vehicle searched for "Officer Safety" and they aren't gentile either. You, get a dumba$$ friend...

if the police have to chase you , their bringing an *** kicking with them

If you run from the Police, you will end up tired, sweaty and in jail.

He would be charged with evading the police, go to jail and meet bubbles

If you run from the cops the cops will run after you. In this process you'll be charged by cops legs.

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He'll get chased, arrested and possibly shot if he doesn't answer their orders to stop. Your friend isn't too bright is he? Do yourself a favor, don't get involved.
It's called eluding the police.

Ok,it's a bad idea.The BEST thing thats gonna happen is he's gonna get cs sprayed,or hit with a batton.If he runs and continually disobeys orders,then he might get shot.Don't be stupid,people get shot all the time from stupid stunts like this.Do him a favour and tell him not to do it.

resisting police arrest is a crime. you will get an even longer sentence than you already had (although in your situation he didnt have to do any time in jail) but this will probably get him arrested. im not sure if they will actually take him to jail, but they will do something to him.
hope i helped

Felony Eluding/Evading a police officer. Stupid thing to do, especially if he has no reason to run beyone having some petty, immature problem with the police. It'd be nice if he fights with them, too. Maybe he'd get the taser.

It would arouse suspicion. Your friend would be chased down and eventually caught and asked why it is he chose to run.. By running, he would create just cause for an arrest and search. You, as the driver of the vehicle could be held simply because of the actions of your passenger.

It's a stupid thing to do, because he'll get in more trouble when he's caught. Running away makes you seem more suspicious. If YOU'RE driving and you don't run away, you'll probably be taken away for questioning about your friend. You friend, on the other hand, would end up being caught soon enough and something bad would happen to him. I suggest you talk him out of it.

He just might get killed...and not telling the police who he is, that is a minor crime unless something goes terribly wrong. This is a really bad idea.
Instead of him being annoyed by the police, why don't both of you volunteer with the police to help them when they have programs for troubled and poor kids etc and you would find yourselves admiring the police instead of trying to go to juvenile detention for this that you are planning.

They should to arrest you or who commited or run away from the police if he did any violation against the law. my tips for you, usually and for anytime, don't get more trouble with the cops, don't raping and don't kill anyone, be a clean resident without doing crimes that can breaks your life.

1. If your 'friend' runs, he'll be charged with fleeing police and/or evading arrest. During a traffic stop, the officer has the right to determine who is in the vehicle and identify each of them.

2. If your driver 'friend' refuses to tell the officer who the runner was, he'll go to jail for hindering apprehension. Vehicle gets towed, and in some jurisidctions, the car gets seized for forfeifiture as it was used in the commission of a felony.

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