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What is forbidden by the U.S. constitution???
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What is forbidden by the U.S. constitution???

U.S. Constitution

Eternity ~ Class of 1989
Noone can become a king or emperors. Also they cannot be knighted.

There are to many queens in the USA and I don't mean women.

Kathy O
it forbids Indian spammers in cyber-cafes from sending me con-mail, as seen on 60 minutes.

Read it! It's fun!(Link below)

Native Americans are forbidden to vote.

2nd Amendment - no soldier in your home (forgot exact amendment)
13th Amendment - slavery

Personal actions are not expressly forbidden; instead, the government is limited in what it can and cannot do. The constitution governs the government, giving IT the authority to govern the people. The government can not persecute you, it can't force you to do certain things. The Constitution does NOT say you can't kill anybody. It does say the government can tell you through laws.

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