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What is the average prison sentence for GBH in the UK?
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What is the average prison sentence for GBH in the UK?

dpeneds on seriousness of the attack.. i know someone who lives near me who glassed someone in a pub fight, the victim had 8 stitches in his forehed and cheek, the guy who glassed him went to prison for 3 and 1/2 years, but was let out after 2 years with a tag on

Get Cameron out
Check the UK sentencing guidelines site. Be aware that the maximum possible sentence for GBH is life.

around (3) years

In determining a sentence for GBH many factors are included, such as; how serious (e.g. have weapons been used?), was there intent to cause the harm, was there provocation, was there religious or racial motivations, did they resist arrest etc. To give you a range of the sentences here are some examples: If the victim suffered a life-threatening injury or particularly grave injury from a pre-meditated wounding or GBH involving the use of a weapon acquired prior to the offence and carried to the scene with specific intent to injure the victim: The sentence is between 10 - 16 years If the assault is not as serious and results in minor / non-permanent injury: The sentences start from community orders - 26 weeks Have a look at the link below for the full guidelines, Hope this helps

You could always give it a go and see what you get ;)

Up to 5 years.

John D
About 10 years less than what it should be.

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