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What kind of food do they serve in prison?
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What kind of food do they serve in prison?

Is it like the food they serve at your schools cafeteria like sloppy joe? Or is it like cereal and milk and white bread.

i've heard that the food in prison is good.like toco tuesday or something,and they have game roomes.

gross slopy and disgusting food....

Thats not right!
same dieticians as the school system, same budget, same nutritional values, and same bad flavor. great way to lose weight though!

it aint milk/water an bread. Dey give u sum shi dat tastes like roadkill, an dey dont gotta feed u at all. But, it really depends on wat prison ur in, on wat dey feed u.

ask me
Foods that can make you sick. I was watching t.v. news and they said the food that they serve to their prisoners are etleast 4 weeks old!

The meals are very much like your school cafeteria.

They are not fancy, but they are nutritious.

Kevin M
tastes like ****

Well my school serves really good food in the cafeteria... lol

In Canada, the prisons serve the same food as detox centres... But unlike in detox, you get carbs in jail... From what I've been told, the food is pretty decent.

It varies from prison to prison. But it's always bad.

I wouldnt care if they served dog turds, dont do the crime if you cant do the time

Haha - Aviator

It's not that bad.....In jail they get two hots and a cold. Inmates are also allowed to buy personal food such as candy and soups

heART happY
Believe or Not they order food from the same kind of companys and vendors that schools and big franchises use..

bad kind

Maybe we should ask Paris! LoL

I think they give them bologna sandwiches for lunch. Other than that...I have no idea what they get.

I would say that is varies by prison/jail.

My one friend's dad was a prison cook, and he always made good meals when I was at her house...so I would assume that the inmates where he worked ate well.

rebel with a cause
they can eat it, isn't that enough?

According to state regulations all prison meals must be nourishing and appealing to the eye. Most menus are based on a 2200 calorie meal pattern. Some prisons cater to religious, health, and vegetarian preferences. A typical Menu is as follows:
Breakfast - cold cereal, hard boiled eggs and beverage.
Lunch - Sandwich, fruit, gelatin, cookies and beverage.
Dinner - hot entree, vegetables, dessert and beverage.
Inmates must be allowed at least 15 minutes to eat and may trade their entree for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Inmates are often free to purchase snacks from the commissary using money given to them by family and friends.

I am so glad I DON'T know the answer to that question.

off the wall♥ginnaaa
i duno never been there never will, but its probably its disgusting.. definately not gourmet lol

good question

i've heard it isn't good food

Take it from Toby
Man sandwich.

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