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What make of cars do undercover/unmarked policemen drive?
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What make of cars do undercover/unmarked policemen drive?

I always thought it was just Ford's, but my friend says it's any type of car. Just wondering... :)

UK Police Unmarked Lexus - http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/08/lexus_hybrid_police.php

Mr Brittain Hell Yeah
i am in grimsby and they drive protons

joan k
I know one in East Devon is an Astra. the small kind.

Cars that are confiscated by the police are used in undercover operations. When drugs are found in a car the car is seized by the police, that is one case where the car becomes the property of the police and they will use that car in stings and other operations where they do not want to use a car that has connections to the department. I have seen them use expensive sports cars and broken down trucks.

Harry Lime
In Anglia they are having cutbacks. The plod now drive around in bright yellow Reliant Robins with the legend "F.A.R.T." (= Fast Action Response Team) hand-sprayed on the side.

MANY and all...from Motorcycles to tractor trailers and everything in between

sgt slaughter
here in pulaski virginia it is usually a crown vic white with darkened windows, or a red or grey jeep wagoneer.

Bill Stickers
Unmarked policemen are rare. Most policemen have some marks even if they are very low marks.

Yellow Reliant Robins while dressed like Batman and Robin

One of the reasons The Ford Crown Victoria remains the most popular marked car is because there are so many accessories such as cages and light bars available for it. Because unmarked cars do not require these accessories, any make or model can be used. Departments often go with the low bidder, meaning any manufacturer has a chance. I come from a small town, so it doesn't take long to figure out what our unmarked are. For this reason, we worked out a deal with a local used car dealer, we lease them for six months at a time. We've had everything from Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, and now a Dodge Durango.

Your friend is right. It also depends on the job they're working on too. For example: they won't use an undercover car like a BMW if the neighbourhood isn't use to seeing that kind of car around. It would simply raise suspicion. So if the area has a high amount of Fords, they'll probably use a Ford! In poorer areas they may have a number of smaller, beaten up cars, so they'll use just that.

You find out when they sneak up behind you and flash there lights at you.!!!

Anything really, i've seen them in suped up corvettes all the way to shitty beat up civics


Smoby J
Its not only Fords, There are many other types, it depends on the force and whos driving them to be honest.

Any type.

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