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What will happen if you get pulled over on a suspended license the 2nd time?
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What will happen if you get pulled over on a suspended license the 2nd time?

My friend got her license suspendeda few months ago, she got pulled over for rulling a red light and the arrested her for that and driving on a suspended license. She got stopped at a road block a few months later.The cop gave her a ticket and let her go.Now she called about her fine she has to pay and they say she has to do 10 days in jail can they do that?(she is also 8 1/2 months pregnant and will be having the baby in time)

Here in Phoenix, Arizona you will be arrested. You will be charged with Driving with License Suspended for Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Fines.

You will either have to wait to go to the original court of jurisdiction or post a bail bond to be released. Often the bail bond will have a restriction of being cash only.

Much easier and cheaper to just take care of the reason your license is suspended.

Yeah, they can do that. If she didn't want to go to jail, SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE BROKEN THE LAW (TWICE)! Pretty simple. Sounds to me like she deserves it. She's gonna be a great role-model for that baby!

Lt. Commander Data
All states have different rules on what is to be done with repeat offenders, including those who continually drive with a suspended/revoked license. A lot of the time, a second offense during the same suspension period will land you in jail for at least a token amount of time. It is up to the law and, in some cases, the law permits some degree of judicial discretion.

As for jail time: if your friend is a couple of weeks from birth, she likely will be able to (1) stay out of jail until her baby is born, or (2) avoid jail altogether, though she likely would get probation and a fine (which is a common outcome in many places). Remember, though, every state is different, and in North Carolina, for example, it's different to a degree in each county.

She can't be put in jail -to serve an active sentence- except by order of a judge (or sometimes a magistrate) in open court and on the record. The court clerk cannot tell her, "Oh, you didn't pay, so get down here and do 10 days in jail." She would have to appear in court for such a sentence to be handed down. However, she could be arrested on a failure-to-appear or other bench warrant, placed in jail pending disposition of her case, and then have her case decided.

In sum, she's put herself in a mite of a pickle...

stuped is stuped does, jail time

She is going to jail and she should also do 500 hours of community service with the baby being taken away from her because she is not a responsible person.

yes they can do anything they want to do they are the law you know tell her to get her stuff together and not do it agian otherwise she will end up without a driverslicense for good and that is not fun but the second time she will get arrested or a ticket it all depends she needs to work on getting it unsuspended.

Yes, she has to do the jail time. Or she could get a lawyer who might be able to get it changed to some kind of community service.

In my city, if you're driving on a suspended license they make you get out of the car and they tow it away.

Oh Boy!
I hope they can do that. Why was the moron driving on a suspended license?


Yeah, they can ask her to schedule jail time, she better do it quick!!!

swampfox conservative
Yep..knowling driving with a suspended licenses..second offense..ten days in jail..sounds about right.
As for her being pregnant, she maybe able to get a physician to address the court, if he/she feels it would be harmful to her and her unborned baby to sit in jail for ten days. The judge may put her on a gps tracking device, or house arrest until after the birth of her child, and then she may have to do her jail time.

She should seek the advice of an attorney.
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