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Who is the most disturbing, depraved serial killer in history?
Find answers to your legal question.

Who is the most disturbing, depraved serial killer in history?

Kill count is an obvious criteria, but who is the overall, all-time worst?

George Bush, over 655,000 dead Iraqi.

Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy
Now there's 2 sick people for you

Wesley Allen Dodd takes the cake of depraved and sick serial killers. He was a child molester/rapist, torturer, and murderer. Just the lowest of the low lives in the world. He even kept a diary of his sick, demented fantasies and pedophilic, grotesque crimes. He was found guilty and hanged many years ago. May he burn in h#ll!

Gary B
Unfortunately, probably someone who hasn't been caught yet

otis toole.

Historically... Jack the Ripper.

Modern days... Jeffery Dalmer. (sp)

Jack The Ripper
The Green River Killer
John Wayne Gacy
and Ted Bundy all come to mind.

Ed Gein - I find his behaviour the most disturbing.

Richard Trenton Chase - I find he was the most depraved.

Funny thing is both were mentally ill, and part of the blame can be placed on that, for example; Richard appears to have suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia.


Points whore
My fave has always been Jeffry Dahmar.

Alex K
Ed Gein comes to mind. Just by the nature of the depravity of his crimes. Not to mention I think he's inspired a bunch of other fictional knock-offs, including Psycho if I'm correct.

jeff the drunk
Personally, I think Ed Gein with Jeff Dahmer in a very close second. But with Ed, not so much because of the numbers of people he killed, but because of what he did with one of the bodies, he wore their skin. Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw is somewhat based on him.

But Jeff Dahmer with the cannibalism, fudge packer chowder, dismembered bodies in the fridge.... Eh... Pretty pretty vile.

Sorry guys, the Ted Bundy, Johnny Gacey, etc... pale in comparison.

ted bundy!

Either Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy.
Dahmer killed and ate little boys, Bundy pretended to be injured and need help to trap women so he could kill them.

Many names come to mind. But if you are talking about serial killers in the U.S., I'd say Ted Bundy....and one of the reasons is that I heard that the judge in his trial matter had the audacity to compliment him...that is to say he insulted lawyers, or so I thought. Anyway, the judge told him that he would have "made a good lawyer" ....Those words stuck with me since I first heard about him.
And then I thought about some of today's lawyers...and realized that it wasn't such an 'insult" after all...

That guy that ate people....ted...I think

j _j_83221
Andrei Chikatilo

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