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Why are cops called the pigs?
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Why are cops called the pigs?

In the UK the number plates on Police vehicles back in the 40's, 50's and 60's always contained the letters PYG...pronounced pig.


Is your BF as hot as me?
cos they are filthy scum who only care about their political masters, certainly not you or I. Next question pls!

cuz they are not only fat but they also eat doughnuts!

Dominican Idol
because pigs are cute animals

Matthew K
#1: Not all cops are fat and eat donuts, I hate them and won't touch them and am in great shape, #2: You can't arrest someone for calling you a pig, that is 100% false. There is a gimme violation called disorderly conduct, and if you call me a pig if ANYBODY is around you are going to jail. Plain and simple, too many people think they know laws that don't I can't tell you how many times I have been lectured about the law, when I ask the person where they got their law degree, its always the same thing: NOWHERE.

The name I think stems from people getting annoyed with the police not doing enough. It can be too much for them to deal with things that are very major - so they deal with things that are minor to get brownie points. Hence the name Pigs: which some people say means Perfectly Ignorant G I T S!!! By the Way, lets get this right, only Americans eat lots of doughnuts!!

Back in 1809, Sir Robert Peel entered the House of Commons in London - he developed a passion for Sandy Back pigs found in Ireland and began to breed them in Tamworth. Soon, these pigs were known as Tamworth pigs. Pig slang was commonplace in Tamworth because of this, it was in 1829 that the relation to police came into it. Politicians were concerned about the way London was policed and Sir Robert Peel changed things - his changes resulted in the formation of the Metropolitan Police. This is why police are referred to as 'Bobbies' or 'Peelers'; they were Bobby's boys... Due to the pig nature that Tamworth had become, the police suffered the same fate as other Tamworth products did: They became related to pigs. A policeman once retorted to being called a pig with: "P.I.G - Pride, Integrity, and Guts!" (proudly), perhaps he took this from the bedroom door in the film 'Stand By Me'

jacj ainshowor
its funny cause they cant arrest u or do anything if u call themn that.

lfc 4 life
bcoz some people think they r like pigs dirt, stuck up .. bad image..... heres a tip never call a cop a pig 2 there face bcoz they will most likely arrest u


Blue Steel & Lace
During the late 1960s and 1970s, it was popular for many leftists to describe a wide range of individuals, governments, and public institutions as fascist. The term was often paired with other insulting terms, the most common being pig, as in fascist-pig. It basically served as an emotive substitute for any name referring to someone in authority. Since police officers are considered persons in authority, the term pig began to be applied to them. Actually I find it amusing to be called a pig. I run 5 miles a day and lift weights, and I don't eat donuts. Just an occasional biscotti. The last person who called me a pig was a female arrestee who was 5'4" and about 200lbs. She couldn't understand why her epithet made me laugh.

In 1968 at the National Convention,oOne of the things the Yippies did to show their disrespect for the political process was to have a small pig as their candidate. Jerry Rubin and Abbey Hoffman would carry the pig around, while supporters hooted and cheered. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley was fed up with these punk kids trying to disrupt his convention in his city, so he sent in police to break up the Yippie demonstrations. Daley took a particularly hard line against the protesters, calling for whatever use of force necessary to subdue the crowds. As police started to disperse the crowds and arrest some of the members, someone said, "We're running a pig for president. But you guys are the real pigs." This caught on and everyone started chanting, "Pigs! Pigs!" Reporters headlined their stories: "Police Called Pigs." This expression caught on and many young people soon started calling police "pigs". Although at first the police were outraged at such disrespect, some soon wore the name as a badge of honor. At least one police department issued little pig lapel badges for their officers to wear.

andy m
I was told last week that it was an American term originally, and actually a compliment, as it was short for something like Pride, Integrity and Guts?

Because they eat doughnuts all day

cuz they eat donuts like pigs

some dude
cuz they are fat and eat donuts

I think it just came about during the 60's when the demonstrations were the rage. All the demonstrators used it and it stuck. It is a dirty job that very few people have the stomach to do.

da rinse mode
maybe because when they work they have to deal with alot of rubbish, clean up other peoples crap

they can get down and dirty like a pigs sty

cos they are cu nts

The roots of this epithet can be traced back to Charles Manson and his "family"

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