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Why are police officers above the law?
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Why are police officers above the law?

Example: On-duty police officers are still allowed to drive while holding a cell phone. After repeatedly seeing this behaviour, I contacted my local police jurisdiction and was told that RCMP officers were exempt. But are police officers more capable of driving and holding cellphones? I think not. It's just another case of "do what I say and not what I do".

how is a pair of handcuffs and shackles protection of your life? this is hell on earth..

I'm sorry was there a question there, or are you just stating your opinion? There are a great many things that an on-duty police officer is allowed to do that a normal citizen is not, and I'm not sure you'd really have it any other way (do you want the police stopping at each red light when there is an emergency? Do you want them searching for available parking when they arrive at a call?) Police Officers (and other emergency services workers) are exempted from some of societies rules while performing their duties, and they are accountable to their superiors for any misuse thereof. Sounds like sour grapes, did you get a ticket for talking on your cellphone while driving recently?

Police officers undergo hundreds of hours of emergency driving instruction and drive 10 hours a day. 9 out of 10 drivers I see on the road don't know what a "stop" is. They're absolutely more capable of driving with a phone than the average citizen. I don't know about Canada but every American state with a law like this has an exemption for police.

Of all the issues in your country that you should be worried about, you in your judgment are worried about why a police officer is using his cell phone. You seem to have your priorities mixed up A cell phone is considered a work tool, so it is legal for them to use Deal with it

Dracula gives a mean hicky
Truck drivers use hand radios too btw. Cops use w/e they are allowed to do ther job. I'm really not going to get my panties in a bunch over the matter. They have a tough job.

Submissive to LolWtf
You are completely right!, they always do in the way they feel,even if that is outside the law, but they want you to obey the law, that's a paradox!

tiger the elastic piston
the phone is a tool. a communication tool. in order for him to do his job (protecting your life) more efficiently. he uses the tools available to him

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