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Why do cops act tough and angry when they pull you over?
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Why do cops act tough and angry when they pull you over?

I'm just this petite little girl and I got pulled over for turning onto a street a little late into the yellow. The cop acted SO angry and told me he was just letting me know and to "Go. Go." and asking me how long I've had my license for. He was so angry and I remained sweet as pie. I just don't see the need to act that way. What is that about? Power? What?

ok the cops are people to and some times they have bad days too . but the assumption that they have some mental disorder of seeking revenge for bad school experiences is foolish and a pathetic generalization when your are stopped by the police they are there to talk to yo about the offense you have committed and request all proper paper work license registration proof of insurance they also have to be in charge of the conversation ( you get to argue in court if you want not curb side with the police) they aren't there to talk about the weather the yankees game or other stuff as long as they don't swear cuss or engage in personal attacks they have done it right

Karma Virus
Because when that cop was a little boy at the age of 5, he used to have problems wetting the bed. His abusive and alcoholic mother would scold him endlessly as she dragged him to the bath tub every night to clean up. There she ridiculed him, pointing at it and laughing at it in front of his brothers and sisters. She wore this pink bathrobe which occasionally slipped open to reveal her breasts as she was washing him, which caused him to be aroused. This infuriated his mother, who would then take a pair of scissors and threaten him "I'm going to cut it off! By God I SWEAR I'm going to cut it off!" This psychological trauma would stick with him for the rest of his life. As a cute girl who was sweet, you reminded him of his mother. The feelings of arousal are met with conflicting waves of guilt and shame, which he uses displaced rage and dehumanizing behavior to hide behind. The viscous cycle continues so that now HE is the disapproving mother, and you now are projected to be the new, crying little child in the bath-tub that he once was.

Youve just been punked!!!
Cops are just people who were not cool in school. so They are going to harass people when they pull them over. Honestly its pathetic and I wish you had a camera and put it on you tube. Here a thought you should keep... If you were only the chief of police's daughter or a relative of a political member of our equal community then he would have treated you with respect. thats B.S that they are train to be defensive when approaching people. cops are just like all of us and some of us are scum

Never had a police officer act that way with me.

Nasty old uncle Mike
You may have been the beneficiary of the previous angry motorist's attitude transfer to the officer. Usually the two words, "I'm sorry" change the whole dynamic of the situation. Yellow in every state means STOP if you can safely do so. When I am approaching a green, I check my speed and the closeness of traffic behind me and draw an invisible line on the road. If it yellows before that line, I stop. If someone is tailgating me, the line is pretty far back, but even so, I have had people behind me giving me the finger (they must need the exercise) when I stop for a yellow. I've never been pulled over.

Paul L
Could have had a bad day... Could be one of those "I'm the law here and you're not" kind of cops Or he could just be a d*ck. I guess it was just your turn. I've been pulled over a couple of times in the past 20 years and I've had cops who were like the one you had, and I've also had some nicer ones.

Most people act like idiots when pulled over. And possibly had a bad day.

Sarah B
i've always wondered the same thing. but if they act all nice and gentle you could try to sweet talk them into not givin that ticket!

Nayive Gaytan
I don't truly know. Maybe it's just an act:) maybe it makes them feel it gets their job done?next time you get pulled over( let's hope it's not soon!), say BAD COP NO DOUGHNUT! Just kidding! The cop may write you a ticket or something for disrespect ing their authority:/ ugh some cops take the act a little far!

Driving is no joke and people can get killed. Law enforcement is a thankless job. They just want you do be safe and are protecting the safety of others. Try not to take it personally.

Honestly, it could just be that the police officer you dealt with is on a power trip. On the other hand, it could be a defense mechanism. I've learned that police officers are trained to act tough even when pulling you over for something simple because it is a way of protecting themselves. They don't always know who is in the car they're pulling over, so they automatically get defensive.

They deal with a lot of crappy people that a lot of the time don't show any respect, even though police officers risk their lives everyday. They feel unappretiated and there just wanting to get through the day without dirty looks from people who deserve a ticket. It's not your fault, just think of it this way: there's people who do their jobs that way; sort of hostile. Teachers, cashiers, hairdressers, ect. - someone's gonna make a joke about donuts or something.

Marcus Jackson
I think that it's to show that he's not messing around.He could've been having a bad day also.Don't think that you messed anything up. :D

He might have been having a bad night, you don't know about the things some cops have to put up with. He was angry about the mistake you made tho, and a costly one at that. You could have hurt yourself and others.

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