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Why do people call pigs cops?
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Why do people call pigs cops?

firefighter 1
it is a insult to police officers and officers hate to be called cop
and pigs

stephen p
The next time you are stopped by a "LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, a "POLICE OFFICER", a "DEPUTY SHERIFF", or a "STATE TROOPER", please feel free to use the term "pig" or "cop" to their face and note the immediate result.

We call cops pigs, we don't call pigs cops.

We do it because many view the police as being oppressive pigs.

Being called a pig is insulting to people in many cultures.

It's the other way around.

*♥* Igotorbs*♥*
Its just their way of showing disrespect to a cop. Maybe because they eat donuts I dont know.

i have never in my life heard anyone call a pig a cop, NOW ON THE OTHER HAND plenty of people call cops pigs and this is because put simply alot of them are. They get off on the power they have and loose their minds. Start acting like as*hole's abusing people, breaking laws they are supposed to enforce ect. ect. So thats why people call cops pigs

a tao
They used to have copper badges, its an abbreviation of that.

I have never in my life insulted a pig by calling it a cop.

PIG = Pride Integrity Guts

So, go ahead call me a pig.

If you do a research on police, you will find the real reasons why they have the nicknames they do. I can't remember the reasons though myself. Things like cops came from either copper badges or chief of police and London's Bobby's came from the founder of modern police Robert Peele, they were called Bobby's boys and later shortened. I just can't remember the reason for pigs and fuzz though.

Remember when cops were badguys?

1) Most Cops were portrayed as power hungry and selfish.

2)Famous for sticking noses where others didn't like or where they weren't needed

3)One word: Donuts. Lots of 'em.

cuz cops are pigs.?

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