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Why do people hate police officers?
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Why do people hate police officers?

why is it that people hate police officers yet when something bad happens then they complain on needing them?

because there morons.

R.I.P. U.S.A
i've never had a cop help me in any way. i don't need them and i don't like them.

Archie Bunker
You forgot the word black in there

They did somethings wrong

Pixley Fats
Because they have absolutely no respect for authority.

Hand Solo
Because leftists in general are cop haters and their negative attitudes toward law enforcement is reinforced by Obama and is Czars, some of which are nothing but thugs.

the only people that hate them are the ones that get a ticket for something they did wrong but they cant accept it. when they have a problem or something who do you think they will call 9-1-1 but mostly its the people who cant follow the rules that hate them

it seems like the people that hate them are the morons that can't stay out of trouble. and people can complain about them all they want on the internet but if they're ever in trouble i bet you they'd be quick to call 911. it's really just a bunch of maggots trying to talk tough.

Its kind of like lawyers. Everyone hates them until they need one.

I think it is one of those professions, like lawyers, accountants, and in many cases, doctors that gets trashed because of the minority amount of them that break the law or ethics codes and they all take the rap for it.

In my life time it seems that most people that hate cops have been arrested, rightfully so, but honestly believe they should not have been.
A lot of young people think that they shouldn't have to obey laws they do not agree with, which is most of them. They think they have the right to do anything they want and everyone accept it.

Some people hate police, about 95% of the people that do hate police are doing something illegal. Most people think the police is out for them, or out to hurt them but believe it or not the police car for the saftey of the public and for the individuals they serve in their community's.

Archie, "you forgot the word black"... WTF are you talking about? Black cops are just as bad as white, yellow, and brown cops...

The reason people don't like cops is corruption. A good example is like in my town. A group of cops(4-5 out of nearly 40 cops) are just jar head army rejects on a power trip who disregard the law they are suppost to uphold to get a woody I guess... They harras kids and the general public. They break the law themselfs(speeding, useing lights to skip stop signs, drink driveing. 100% honest)

Then people generlize all cops to be like these numb nutz.

But peope got to understand, even with these bad apples, guess who will step out and take a bullet for you? Or protect you from danger? It's what they do and we have to respect that.

It depends on the cops. I have dealt with some good ones, but I have also dealt with ones that made me loose a lot of respect for officers, I still respect the law just not the ones keeping it. When it takes 2 hours to show up to a rape scene and the perp didn't leave until 20 minutes after the 1st 911 call there is no excuse for not catching the guy.
Then again, I had awaken to a fight involving some teens who jumped my back fence and the cops were there pronto.
There are a many cops deserving of honors but many corrupt ones as well. I wish there was a way to separate them.

College Student S
Because, regardless of how much they do for us, most peoples' interactions with them are only negative. You may not be there to see them arrest a dangerous person in your area, but you get pulled over by them or get hassled over something small and stupid, and that's your perception of them, as a pain. Also some police officers are incredibly unprofessional and use their authority and force inappropriately. These people do not deserve our respect. Having a badge doesn't make them better than anybody else, and they make mistakes too. This is only a small minority of police officers of course, but they can easily ruin the reputation of the rest.

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